@denikombucha choosing to interpret point 2 as 'at least 1 human, 1 monster, & 1 alien mandatory in every marriage' – finally, some real family values politics!!

the policy is open for interpretation at citizen discretion✌🏽

Your policies are inspired, a tiger pit for border patrol? It's brilliant, and we'll save so much money over their current workplaces.


And we'll be feeding an endangered species, so it'll go great with a Green New Deal.

@denikombucha what are the #Deni2020 equivalent of Bernie Bros? Because i'm that

You’re a citizen of the Denican Republic, dear :blobcoffee: :blobcheerbounce: . I think Denista would also be appropriate

@revolverocelot @dirt
Then the Beret should come w your Gov issued Kevlar vest and emergency aid kit :blobcatcoffee:

@denikombucha when put in perspective like this the debates tonight/tomorrow feel like a waste #VoteDeniGetPlenty


At first, from the thumbnail, I thought this was one of those, "Jerry is taller than Stacy, but shorter than Rebecca, who is the fourth tallest person that rides a bike," puzzles, and was excited about it.

and then you realized it was so much better than that shit and were fucking STOKED🕶️ :drake_like:


Where can I turn my cashes in for DeniBucks and rich people teeth?

We're nationalizing and refurbishing all ATMs for this, stay tuned :vote_me: :vote_D:

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