For real, if I was the leader of the Empire or whatever, I would scrap most of the Star Destroyers, reduce the military to a specialized, quick strike task force and invest most of my resources into make cheap, sustainable goods for the planet worlds I want to conquer and give them favorable terms to use said goods initially and then just creep over time until the become dependent on the machine.

Same result, just a lot less waste, useless conflict and massaging ego.

A boring conquest.

I would be the most boring tyrant ever. My weapons wouldn't be star ships and lasers, but bureaucracy and mediocre goods.

The policy I would author would be about increasing dependency on my goods. Hell, I would even have a GREAT employment package so I could get he best minds to maintain and produce my goods.

Not to improve anyone's life, because I am EVIL after all, but to maintain my stranglehold on what people need to live.

And I would be as low-key as possible. Almost no profile.

Imagine getting a cent of *every* galactic economic transaction.

That's DOMINATION. That's unlimited resources without firing a single laser based weapon.

@June Exactly. It's all about the cruelty and forcing your will onto other people, which is NEVER going to work long term because people get sick of that shit.

@Are0h its like when ppl can't understand the republicans these days. it's *for the power* in its own sake. not for "ruling" but how they intend to rule

@mwlucas Ha, I'd be the most boring, relentless efficient and steady administrator ever.

I'd wear people down because I just don't break the routine. Ever.



Your dystopia beats the hell out of our current one. Where can I sign up?

@mwlucas Yesssss. SWEAR FEALTY TO ME and I'll guarantee a decent and even enjoyable standard of living.

Using weapons for conquest is so pedestrian.

@Are0h dammit, I already have too many books to write before I die! :flan_piteous:

@Are0h Remind me to make you one of my generals when i begin my world conquest

@hypnotransgirl I'll be the person in the back on the edge of all the official state photos.

@Are0h If thats what you want, you will also get a sick plasma rifle

@Are0h Reminds me of a video on how the Tau from W40K subvert worlds.

@Are0h All for promising to optimize the production and distribution methods.

@KitsuneAlicia Yup. And I'd incentivize it by having good working conditions so my scheme would remain under the radar and therefor quelling any rebellions before they began.

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