Ha, so a friend of mine from a couple years ago I had a falling out with over one of the worst client experiences I've ever had hit me up again trying to get some work done.

Now the thing is, her project is in shambles because she didn't want to listen to the advice I was giving her, but she wants to hold onto the idea it was my fault, even though I literally sent her the emails where I tell her that her ideas wouldn't work.

Ha, and she's still trying to under pay me.

Ha, nah fam.

@Are0h every time a consultant says "this won't work" and the client goes ahead, you just know that consultant is about to hear every excuse why they can't get paid. ultimately because the client tanked money and doesn't want to. hope you get that bread.


@alice *shrugs* either she gives me what I want, or her project gets stuck in limbo.

The weird part is the last time she let me do my thing, her site got nominated for awards, which I let her take the credit for because I could care less.

She wants that level of expertise again, but on the cheap, which kind of tells me she's not serious about her project.

So I'm just gonna chill.

@Are0h Yeah even glossing over plain professionalism, someone who won't pay a tried-and-proven pro what they're worth definitely isn't serious. I hope you find a project on your level, whether this one gets serious or another.

@alice That's the thing. Work wise, I'm pretty solid right now, so I'm picking and choosing what side gigs I do because I'm working on my own projects as well.

If someone wants my services, they have to make it worth it for me to take on another gig, cause that's time.

Ha, she just refuses to do so, which is funny because she needs me way more than I need her.

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