Catching up on this Gamer Girl Bath Water story LOL and it it WILD.

I find myself in full support.

@Are0h The terrifying thing for me is that so many people actually find themselves finding the need to buy things like that and actually *doing* this.

In theory, it's none of my business, since it's their money and their "luxuries" they buy, but seriously, I'm curious - what must be going on in their heads?


@phoe Terrifying? And why must something be wrong with them?

@Are0h ...I'm surprised by your question.

It's a good one. I've never asked that to myself.

@Are0h Thanks for that. I have some thinking material for today now.

@Are0h @phoe "your kink is not my kink, but your kink is valid" :)

What she does is just my kind of humour, at least sometimes :D
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