My alignment is chaotic good.

That means I'll break your arm and push you down some steps if you come at me with the intent to harm, but if you offer sincere apology, I'll probably accept it.

@Are0h That's interesting, I haven't heard the second part being used as part of the CG alignment before! Do you think being CG generally comes with a belief in redemption/change?

@lj_writes For me, it’s about focusing on what does the most good and being unconcerned with what it looks like externally.

My moral core is strong, but it may not be recognizable at first glance. But if you pay attention to the results of its application, it’s clear.

@Are0h So it's pragmatist morality and the opposite of purity politics/cancel culture? I can get behind that. Lmao it occurs to me that the whole "you must never do or say the wrong thing or associate with the wrong people at any time, else you are impure/cancelled forever" mindset is an expression of lawful alignment.


@lj_writes Kinda, but I’m not above using either method to provoke a good outcome. Doing what is best isn’t always the most comfortable.

Yeah, exactly. And I think there is value in that to some extent, but people hide behind it as well, which why I generally focus on results and not performance.

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