So basically Pelosi is setting the Democrats up to get the bitch smacked again because she doesn't want to listen.

The folks elected Rep. Omar for a reason. AOC handily beat an incumbent in NYC. Chitown just elected a Lori Lightfoot, a gay Black woman for mayor.

People are fucking tired of Democrats trying to appease bigots that don't give a shit about maintaining civility.

People praise Pelosi for her political acumen, but she's still tone def and ineffective in an actual fight.

It annoys the fuck outta me that Dems seem to forget 🍊 lost the election.

The only reason he is president is because of some antiquated failsafe slave owners lobbied their way onto the books to ensure we'd never have an actual representative democracy.

The keep trying to negotiate with this fool instead of going at his neck, which ironically is accelerating the browning of American government because we're all tired of white people.

But Pelosi wants to ice skate up hill.


The dems would be those rich folks in slave times taking about 'Abolition is a goal we should all aspire to. BUT in the mean time lets fight to get them work gloves!'🙄


@denikombucha Like if y'all can't get unified against a dude like 🍊 y'all just aren't worth a damn.

This dude and his cronies are lying _constantly_ but they're still trying to find an angle rather than go at this fool's neck.

As disgusted as I am with the GOP, I'm just as revulsed by the Dems because even when they have the high ground, they straight get punked. Again and again.


Y would they go for his neck? Every last one of them directly benefited from the same 45 tax breaks they railed as inhumane. I haven't seen a single on of them give it back, have u 👀? Someone can call you a bitch to your face but if they do it while handing you a cool 10mil, its hard to stay mad at them.

@denikombucha And I'm fine with that part of it, but just be honest about it.

Don't tell me about RESISTANCE and then say he's not worth going after. Just take your check and go.

Either go after that dude or just admit you're complicit. Either would require courage that the Dems seems like they just don't have.


Oh they ain't ever gonna do that, and risk letting that High Horse go? LMAO they love 'being the adult in the room' bout as much as they love them $$$

@denikombucha That's the thing. They aren't the adult in the room.

If they were, they wouldn't be trying to negotiate with a bigot.

People support them just because they are slightly less nuts than the GOP.

That's literally it.


Thats the thing w the folks in congress. None of their actual ideologies are grounded in concrete reality. Not a single one. If it was we woulda had a militaristic GND 20-30 years ago.

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