What is playvicious.social?

Social is the primary social media platform for the forth coming fourth version of Play Vicious, a new initiative built to bring attention to the plethora of creative acts that don't get the shine they deserve.
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Social is a place for culture, so it encourages open and honest discussions. Strong opinions are fine and unorthodox position are very welcome as good ideas and compelling points aren't limited to what we are familiar with. If one has something interesting to say and express, Social is the place for it.

However, Social is not the place to come if you just want to express your bigotry. That includes, racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, islamophobia, etc. Hate and intolerance is unacceptable here. There are plenty of places on the web that will tolerate hatefulness and malice. Social is not one of them. You have been warned.