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I asked @chaomodus to make this for me :3 It's from MegaForce. feel free to save it to use for yourself whenever you gotta really display your disapproval

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You've seen the QPoC Flag, yes? Well here's the QTPoC Flag!

I'll have an SVG available of this eventually, but feel free to save this and share it and whatever you want. The black outline is there because I'm gonna try to make a patch from it, but it's easy to remove once you have the SVG.

If you want a regular image without the outline, lemme know and I'll upload one here to the fediverse

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Hiya! I'm an -er! PHEW!

I'm working on a blog, I "literally just last night" started maknig dog leashes, and I art and am gonna get into making embroided patches soon! ish?

Also I my hordelings. I am training my very own /#autism .

been an since uhh ever? It's just how my brain seems to work. same with being an really

Anyway, yeah hi!

I can also be found here --> @dirething

does estraidiol really expire? I've got a bunch that expired 2 years ago

(boosts ok)

Hey @debian, you had a pride swirl for June. Maybe not be on an instance run by transphobes? (Amongst other hate).

I'm getting asked to make a pride Debian swirl patch, but honestly I'm a little uncomfortable with that, even as a long long time user.

I mean it'd be real easy to run an instance (I could volunteer host if needed) or join a different one with an understanding of CoCs :)

Just discovered a new type of spam (phishing?) attack on the fediverse.

Someone has been making accounts with usernames similar to the ones admins of Art Alley have, copying our avatars/headers, and sending DMs to people.

Attacker is using random temporarily e-mail providers and their browser locale is Russian.

Looking for advice on my idea to fund raise for service dog gear! I make patches, iconic art, and sometimes interpretations of cartoon styles. I might be able to make dog leashes and collars too?

I'm not sure how I wanna go about it. Should I make a GoFundMe? Should I just do it from here and update the totals as I go? I've got Cash.Me and Kofi accounts; is it safe/wise to share those?

also, if I make patches, what themes or designs would you like to see?

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Colonizers can't decolonize: why FOSStodon can never succeed in three words.

These are rookie numbers we gotta get these numbers up. Call it like you see it folks.

(I've attached a search of the word "collaborator" in books which has a big uptick after WW2 then it slowly starts to decline with a recent sharper decline.)

(I'm telling you to call people who help the superstate structures that oppress us collaborators.)

Need a code name for your code release or secret paramiltary operation or whatever? Try the new and improved
Now with ssl! (oo secure)

Social justice is about seeking justice for the systemic and ongoing exploitation of humanity. It is about equality. Adding more technology, more education, more income, does nothing to address the equality, it simply raises the baseline. I dream of a future where a person of color can speak as freely as a white person, but I fear that future may be one where the white person can edit their genome to prevent disease and the marginalized person cannot.

Social justice, not social progress, today.

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I asked @chaomodus to make this for me :3 It's from MegaForce. feel free to save it to use for yourself whenever you gotta really display your disapproval

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and so on folks: I make patches but I want to make ones for , and am trying to figure out ideas to make ones that look nice and maybe can easily attach on and off. I hate velcro because of the texture and noise, plus it doesn't look as nice as sewn ones. I was thinking snaps maybe? I don't know how those work but they seem like maybe an ok idea?

Oh also, is it twill that I want, like to make very nice pro looknig patches?

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