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Moving to @xolo

You should follow me there for art and maybe... maaayybbeee designing a board game stuff? maybe, not sure yet... plus whatever all I put there

I'm also still at @dirething too!

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I asked @chaomodus to make this for me :3 It's from MegaForce. feel free to save it to use for yourself whenever you gotta really display your disapproval

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You've seen the QPoC Flag, yes? Well here's the QTPoC Flag!

I'll have an SVG available of this eventually, but feel free to save this and share it and whatever you want. The black outline is there because I'm gonna try to make a patch from it, but it's easy to remove once you have the SVG.

If you want a regular image without the outline, lemme know and I'll upload one here to the fediverse

Moving to @xolo

You should follow me there for art and maybe... maaayybbeee designing a board game stuff? maybe, not sure yet... plus whatever all I put there

I'm also still at @dirething too!

fuckin sitting in on a city council meeting and the shitty police chief is gonna talk and maybe i can't be here after all....

At least there was a nice kitty outside when we got the mail. It followed me back and went up to the door like "yep, this is my home too, right?"

I'd be alright with that, but my big mean russian blue would definitely disagree.

looking at this one:

and this one:

and this one:

was looknig at longboards but they're so fuckin huge! I'm a fatty and a shorty. Short feckin arms, like I don't think I could carry a longboard honestly lol

For Halloween, I want a dog and a . Iunno if I'll actually have the money, but....

Who wants to help me pick a skateboard?! Actually I'll probably get a cruiser, because I think it'll be easy for my clumsy as hell self :P

This is @ArtistMarciaX fault 😂​
Honestly I think it'll be cool, my kids have skateboards and it'll get us out more. Maybe I can get local BIPoC to have like a thing. Course the local white supremacists seem hellbent on crashing our stuff :/

cops arresting local activists days after they had a gathering for families where a drunk white dude pulled a gun on them. cops let that guy go and drive away.

At least I have a cup of tea. I don't like being here. I feel useless and pointless and very much unsafe.

What a way to stream protests and such that aren't gonna get blocked by Facebook or other major companies, so not twitch or Instagram?

I'm a dork and forgot to mention that I'm looking for a thing that is like stuff that's stickers, art prints, maybe clothing though I care less about that at the moment. Ooo maybe like journals that the cover is like.. my art.

Also just to be clear, there's no way in hell I could handle orders or shipping stuff myself.

I'm tired already and it's not even 11....

I'm severely , I have no energy, and live in a capitalist system.

I can't help but wonder if I was an "independent artist" if that wouldn't help me flee this country?

Y'see, the smoke gave me a health scare and I'm not looking forward to that being a thing every year, plus the place where I live has extreme weather that really screws w/ my brain, and the white supremacists hate me, and the capitalists don't think I should have health care.

so you know, it's a bit hostile.

What is a good print on demand service that prints things quite well and is fast and easy to use?

Also if you wanted to help me by taking my files and uploading them to such a site, and I know you, that would actually help a lot 💚​

Also taking advice or links to resources if you feel it's relevant 💚​

Boosts welcomed!

Hey the flag I made, the queer trans BIPOC pride flag? Now you can get it as a holographic sticker! one for $4 and $7 for two! @popstar is making them, and they're being awesome and giving me $3 when you buy one and $5 when you buy two!

the virtual crunchyroll expo has been interesting. Onyx Equinox looks cool, the creator seems like a really cool person. Stuff on the Yuzu Stage and all the stuff like Cosplaying while Black and such has been cool

please move me to someplace else. who is taking disabled families? :( I want to go to Ireland most. also I'd need people to make the phone calls and deal with all the difficulties and...

being in the U.S. is like an abusive situation. it's hard to leave and it's set up to make it difficult for unwanted people like me to exist at all...

The subtitle of that is total bollocks.

It should be:
"How to not understand Intersectionality, ignore your own white and other privileges, and presume you can treat people like they're less than you because you have a diagnosis"

p.s. you fucking can't divide and conquer me, whites, so don't fucking try.

ableism, anti-autism eugenics, school shootings 

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