Of course I'd think to edit these shots into something more graphic novel/comic book-esque *way* after I originally edited these shots. Ah well. Better late than never.

Earl by SWARVY is actually a cover but when I first heard it, I thought it was the original. SWARVY definitely did the legend Dilla Dawg justice. A vibe. A mood. soundcloud.com/swarvy/earl

Wowzers, editing was a pain in the ass tonight. Thankfully, we got everything in sync and working like it should. So here you go. . It's still Friday in Hawaii. 🤣You know what it is. Press play. Enjoy. 1drv.ms/v/s!AvYVUbpAkvYYip1NNa


Work is done. Time to go to work. 🎤🎙️

Took a punt on some ground bison in my biweekly food delivery along with some other lovely stuff.

Got some brioche buns too because man’s looking to make the best kind of bison burger possible. Just need some cheese from my local shop and we’re in business.

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We can and should hold 45 accountable for his pathetic pandemic response. It has been grossly incompetent.

But we are seeing why he is allowed to be not only being supremely incompetent but a racist sexual predator but has been protected while in office.

He is the wildest dreams of white America. He is what white people want to be.

White people don't give a shit about national health, social good or even democracy.

They only care about their whiteness. Even as it kills them.

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Morning, gorgeous ones.

Never ever feel bad about not giving space to people who drain your positivity and joy.

Never feel bad about wanting to keep your space healthy.

The reason I ask is that the last thing that I want to see during a bloody pandemic made worse by the utterly woeful response from authorities is something literally out of Minority Report that apparently "predicts criminality."

Whatever that fucking means. 😒 Cheers, Harrisburg University! harrisburgu.edu/hu-facial-reco

Been thinking about something.

Why is it that when bad things are happening in the world, there's this incessant commitment to making things worse under the illusion that it's a solution to the problems?

Why is showing compassion for our neighbours such a taboo?

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The economy is not worth people's lives. Not even one life. The economy is made up numbers, people are real.

Currently playing NHL 20 and making my created skater.

It's super annoying that in the year of somebody's lordt two thousand and twenty, character creation suites have bare shades of yt but only like... five templates for dark-skinned folks.

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I finally got to go Outside today, after >2 weeks sick and a few days to make sure I’m not contagious any more. #florespondence

I’m currently watching The Pharmacist on Netflix.

Documentaries can be so hard-hitting, you legitimately feel winded by the time credits roll. Friends, the first episode of The Pharmacist isn’t even over and I feel like I went ten rounds with Lennox Lewis in his prime.

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Mafia 3 is free to play for the next week on steam. you need like 50 gigs free

Bars bars bars... and this may or may not be this week's inspiration for my forthcoming Freestyle Friday sesh. youtu.be/krkt-jSungw

Couple o' L's, couple o' options
Put a couple of your loved ones up in the boxes
Whole front row up in black dresses and mock necks
After that, they gon' throw a party and pop ex
Put it out let the streets talk, no promo
A real man shouldn't have to say no homo
Move, the fucking champ is back
You can bring it to the lab, it's so dope that it can't be crack
Now your hoes wanna parlay with J
'cause they found out you lukewarm and my flow is caliente

I love Jadakiss but that freestyle is the GOAT

Ayo them thugs shoulda warned you
When them bullets is in you, it feels like the iron is plugged up but it's on you
Niggas got they eyes on me
And I ain't talking 'bout the BM when I say I've got seven 45's on me
Couple o' chains, couple o' watches
Moved up from the top five a couple o' notches

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