These "challenges" on TikTok are like watching a scene out of Idiocracy.

It's wild what I'm seeing.


There might be enough scope to have a serious conversation about who is objectively the worst social media platform going.

I personally think Facebook gets that nod because... *gestures wildly at everything Facebook is doing/has done/continues to do* but I think TikTok is coming in hot to overtake Twitter as the second worst.

Probably should've put a CW on that but... listen. It's almost three in the morning and I'm half cognisant.

'llow me innit.

The only thing worse than being half dead and unable to fall asleep is being horny, half dead, and unable to fall asleep.

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Just stuck an other 10 euros over to @ArtistMarciaX to keep up to date with their writing and such for the next month, worth every cent!

I promise you that no one asked for Lynx Africa + Marmite. Not a single soul. Alive or dead.

I really do feel amazing right now. If I've ever underestimated the power of a good trim and shape up, I'll never do so again.

I'm just glad the shop took all the COVID stuff seriously. Masks, gloves, contactless payments... they did what they had to do.

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@theauracle as someone who works in sports medicine, thank you for writing this. It is infuriating that this is even being considered, much less implemented, when athletes are still testing positive. This means that every one of their teammates, coaches, athletic trainers, and other staff are now exposed and taking that exposure back to their families/friends. I am beyond frustrated at the ignorance on display re: sports safety

You can listen to the podcast itself via most platforms where you stream podcasts and music (Spotify, Apple Music, et al) but here's the latest episode regarding the Premier League's return.

In case you haven't heard of us, The Banter Pub is a podcast about all things football. Current events, debates about who the GOAT and the WOAT in any given category, hell... even fashion.

You know the vibes. Now read our scribes. Presenting The Banter Pub on Medium and my first essay in while.

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"YOU BROKE THE CONTRACT! Why do you 'burn down your own neighborhood'? It's NOT OURS! WE DON'T OWN ANYTHING. FUCK your Target. They are lucky that what black people are looking for is equality and not revenge."

Stinkmeaner calling the devil a "bitch ass nigga" will never not be funny.

The Boondocks, booooy. Classic animation.

Good heavens, there's so much to do in Destiny 2.

And don't get me started on that mid-life crisis looking ass controller.

Please don't hype the PlayStation 5.

The damn thing looks like an overpriced dustbin with LED light strips that'd you'd pay over a grand for on Touch Of Modern dot com.

I'm definitely sliding into the hippie phase of my life.

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