Hmmm... This approach seems to me to have many of the same strengths and weaknesses as some of Mike Caufield's fact-checking work.

It will work and increase credibility until the "facts" change. And then it does the opposite.

There was a time that scientists all agreed the world was cooling. The idea of climate change started with one guy disputing that "fact". Turns out he was right, but "credible data" woulda' said otherwise.

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Must also mention the indigenous and other marginalized groups that have known for so very long how many of our "facts" should be rethought.

For me, "truth growing" needs to involve systems, opportunities, communities, networks, etc. that cause critical engagement with ideas, beliefs and ways of thinking that are foreign, perhaps even contrary to our own. And not just on the content level, but embedded within the fabric of the system et al itself.

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