I think I bought a house (or at least half a house). Eek.

I have hit the spot on my girl's school permission forms where I have to click either "yes" or "no" to use Google tools.

I want to click "no," but know how very complicated that would make her little life...Ugh.

When I lived where winter kept the morning glory under control, I liked and looked forward to it. But here, it chokes out a healthy garden. It’s not the plant’s fault of course, but it still requires action.

Today, I had sympathy for the lovely and innocuous-looking flowers that I still quite like, while I aggressively pulled out every root I can reach without apology. There was no room for half-measures.

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If you are committed to not making this another birdsite/hellsite, your first, ultimate, top priority is keeping marginalized people protected from hateful people. That is the main and crucial difference between Mastodon and Twitter & Tumblr.

The way that a marginalized person reacts when there is a breach in this protection is not what makes this turn into a toxic place.

Son told me geology is the study of time and pressure. As we walked, it struck me that sociology and economics were also the study of time and pressure. Then I started to think that maybe every life is in its own way a study of time and pressure.

To take a break from the modern world, I went hiking with my son. 10 km and down & up a mountain, my glass of ice cold water and comfy chair are welcome luxuries!

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*door slams open, Karen runs into middle of room*


*Karen runs out of room*

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My dissertation is about the risks of technologies of things, words and power. I emphasize "potential future risks" so as not to be labelled "alarmist".

And yet... right now my email has been down for 3 days, company is posting official updates that are certainly not true, their customer service consists of bots, and, except for here, any alternative communication I can think of involves agreeing to significant data tracking & surveillance... I think the future is here (and it's scary!)

I saw two people travelling home with their purchases by train. Two giant bottles of orange juice and assorted items in a Kirkland box. They were clearly returning from Costco. No explanation required.

I made a wrong turn walking to work today... Walked along a parallel “not parkway” path and saw all sorts of different green and flowers. Thinking now about the things we pass every day and never see.

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Look at something beautiful in nature. It can be a house plant or a picture of your favorite animal if you can't get outside.

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And in love with the term "polyvocality."

Does anyone have any ideas of origins of that term?

I've been buried in the ideas of the post-modernists, Foucault, Lyotard, Deleuze & Guattari and am struck on the importance that they all placed on the "small."

"The story of identity… can’t be told by one person, or even seven people, but only by a cacophony of voices together – of sounds, of ideas, of pedagogical intentions.”
- Jessie Stommel

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It is exciting to watch a busy and awesomely beautiful Local timeline flow at mastodon.art.

Thank you to all you fantastic creators who share your work with the rest of us.

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Public Transit Projects Cheaper Than Uber's $5.2 Billion Q2 Losses, Ranked jalopnik.com/public-transit-pr

Please fund more transit for people instead of pernicious capitalist nightmares for rich sycophants.

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