My house is officially sold. I’m too tired to celebrate but I want to. Soon. Because this is a very good thing!

I realized that in the last two weeks I lost my happy somewhere... Not sure if it is just too much all at once but all the projects that did excite me Suddenly turned into a huge number of tasks that I don’t have enough time to do.

So I think this week I am going to barrel through as many of the tasks as humanly possible. Then dedicate next week to finding my happy.

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Last load of laundry is drying!!!!

Also done this weekend (while doing laundry): Replaced six light bulbs, repaired 2 holes in the wall and paid kid school fees.

We have light (in all rooms) and clean clothes. I wish I could freeze my home in its current state forever.

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To the #degoogle and #deletefacebook advocates, the #privacy and #FOSS advocates, please consider contributing editing to #OpenStreetMap. I want a good and usable alternative to current popular #maps apps.
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Update: I’m now on Day 2 of laundry completion, but some bare floor is starting to emerge from under the pile.

I think I can, I think I can... the little washing machine that could. 😃​

I’ve just committed to do laundry today until there is nothing left in the pile. Kid 3/3 is now adding their stuff to that pile...

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@maloki I think we need a tech support network of humans who have set up self-hosting. Like an old fashioned who-you-can-call phone chain, so no-one gets overloaded but you don't have to go it alone.

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Anyone know any US-based public librarians who are active on the fediverse? I don't just mean aware of it, I mean actively participating on at least one federated social media instance

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The fediverse is truly anarchy at its finest.

Make a post about a fun thing you learned to do, and suddenly people from countries you've never been to, on continents you've never seen are chiming in with:

"I also like that thing!"
"How can I learn the thing?"
"What do you like most about this thing?"
"I have a recipe for this thing!"
"Here's another thing you might like to learn, too!"

I visited with two old friends from school today. Tented years ago could we have ever imagined we would meet again here? Each carrying our own deep pains but finding laughter somehow. Together.

Cleaning, christmas shopping and back to writing. Today I felt like I was choosing to do each of these things that has seemed like such a chore lately. And it was a very good day.

My oldest child was at the store and overhead some older folks talking about the meals that come in bags with recipes attached saying, "Oh those millenials, can't even cook for themselves."

And all she could think was, "Well yeah, becaue my mom never taught me to and actually *she's* the one ordering those meals in bags!"

I just submitted my final version of my dissertation lit review for this semester's class. It is so not complete, really still just the incomplete ramblings of a crazy woman.

But in my current life and work where everything is about achieving measurable goals and achieving (positive) tangible change, it feels strange to write about something that is conceptual, intangible and tremendously rewarding.

Sitting out on a patio near the fire. This no snow Winter thing has its perks!

Re-reading things I've written about the fediverse and "a pedagogy of small" over the past two years...

"These system might be community-defined and be less inclined to seek out personalized, computer-supported learning solutions."


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At this point the people funding the main branch of Mastodon seem to mostly be buying us growth-hack and popularity-reinforcing mechanisms that appeal to the impulses that have ruined every commercial social network.

Pay someone who has better ideas, imo.

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Ruth Buffalo was sworn in as a state representative this week dressed in her traditional regalia.

My kid met with a psychiatrist today. Some of the biggest worries were ruled out. The enormity of that good news is only starting to hit me now! !

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