I love when someone you lost track of suddenly pops up in a boost, conversation or follow on a new instance.

People leave, people move. And then people suddenly reappear! Like reconnecting with an old friend.

I went out with my oldest and youngest yesterday. We started from a place I've taken them many times. But then they told me we were going to turn left instead of my usual right.

Beyond the parking lot & construction, they introduced me to a beautiful park along the river. I've traveled past it hundreds of times, but never knew was there.

First kid medical thing that" should be looked into a little more" ruled out which is probably good though it did come with a different diagnosis and recommendation for follow up appointments. And me agreeing to schedule and drive to those... Winning, but not winning. 😧​

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ok bed time

take care of yourself and others
organize and donate when you can
small acts of kindness or direct action are always important

My son's math class was working on an assignment related to scale. He explained to his teacher that he had build several 1/48 scale replicas of aircraft from Lego and she gave him credit for the module on the condition that he bring in pictures of the models.

And in so doing, restored a little more of his trust in the school system.

It's been a week. Took three kids to the nurse practionner. Between them, they now have been identified with five different medical things that "should be looked into a little more." Sigh... most of this stuff comes to nothing, but it does still make me tired!

But I'm still on track with eating regular meals, 8 sleep-like hours and basic exercise (4th day in a row) so I guess I'm winning. 🏆​

Back to basics. Today, for the first time in a while I:
Slept (or did something that approximates sleep) for 8 hours, ate three (fairly well rounded) meal and did over 30 minute of exercise-like activity.

My goal is to continue to do these three things every day. Other people seem to have this figured out so maybe I can too?

I’m raking under the oak tree. I spend half my time cursing the soggy leaves and acorns that make this heavy work. I spend the other half of the time thanking this tree for an excuse to be outside on a glorious late fall day.

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A flickering candle in a sconce. #smallactions between friends on Mastodon.

Support.Acceptance.Attention Paid.Reciprocation.

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hello 🐘 friends! the Mastodon Community Survival Fund has been quiet but we're still here. We are working on switching over to Liberapay's new payment processors, so we can accept donations again.

In the meantime, we still have $128 (thanks to generous donors! ❤️) and if you need anything or know someone here who needs something, send us a direct message so we can help you/them out.

thanks from a new MCSF helper, @ghost

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me on the internet 10 years ago: "I don't want to read about the boring minutiae of people's lives! I want real news and hard-hitting opinions!"

me on the internet now: "no more news and opinions, i just want to see what kind of cookies susan made today"

The only thing that makes this ewok costume better than it already is, is knowing that 15 year old son made it for his little sister.

We have been our new house for one year. It hasn't been all sunshine and rainbows, but as I sit listening to two teenagers handing out Halloween candy to tiny kids, I'm smiling. I'm proud of them. Proud of us.

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RT @citeblackwomen@twitter.com: "To be led by a thief is to offer up your most precious treasures to be stolen. To be led by a liar is to ask to be lied to. To be led by a tyrant is to sell yourself and those you love into slavery." (2 of 2)
--Octavia Butler, Parable of the Talents


🐦🔗: twitter.com/citeblackwomen/sta

TFW you find yourself shopping online for a multi-million dollar simulator because you really have no idea where to start looking for such a thing in the real world...

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We were on the Pennsylvania Turnpike, with no navigation necessary for miles, when Google Maps Lady suddenly announced "Continue on I-276 for another 18 miles."

Well... okay?

Then we realized: during navigation it is set to have the microphone on, and apparently Maps Lady wanted to interject her opinion into our discussion about whether it was too late to turn this country around.

Crafting words possibly relevant to small online spaces? Show more

reading about crafting, thinking about the weaving, knitting and stitching together of technology and community in this and other small spaces...

I survived a week in a room deciding on configuration settings for a corporate LMS. And the fun is just beginning.

How much time I have spent setting up and migrating between LMSs in the last 10 years? Far too many :(

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I couldn't tell you the difference between sociology and education if my life depended on it

I am prone to thinking it mostly comes down to which journals you subscribe to and which conferences you attend

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