cw: eye contact

hey friends!

i'm a 31 yo brown queer femme currently living in nyc. i'm a visual designer by trade. i spend time on here talking about my experiences, my culture, the diaspora, mental health, and my queer self/friends/family.

i sometimes post 420 videos but a lot of you already know that.

please respect my space. only dm me if we're mutuals. and please do not give me unsolicited advice.


@dirt i’m seeing this again and like, you are one of my faves so always yes.

@suzukipeach i didn't realize it was your only account now! i thought it might have been a private, so it seemed like asking was the right play

@suzukipeach i probably should have been tipped off by "BOOST" but in my defense it was 5:21 AM lol

@suzukipeach what is the meaning of all of this talk about unsolicited advice?

@suzukipeach n. Opinion about what could or should be done about a situation or problem; counsel.
n. Information communicated; news.
n. An opinion recommended, or offered, as worthy to be followed; counsel; suggestion.

From American Heritage Dictionary, 5th edition

I’m even more confused now

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