I don't like how Pixelfed does not have a notification for when someone outside of Pixelfed follows you. A Gab account was following my Pixelfed account and I had no idea. That really bothers me.

@sunflowers yeah, the state of privacy, security, anti-abuse features on pixelfed are all pretty atrocious from what I understand–& if I remember the dev was real shitty to anyone who pointed it out, so it just got swept under the carpet by the constant churn of social media memory. Thumbs down to pixelfed.

@paralithode ugh I had no idea. I think I may just ditch it altogether. I can probably achieve the same functionality I like it for with a photo-focused Wordpress theme and the Activitypub plugin on there.

@sunflowers it's really hard to keep any of this straight–things move SO fast on the fediverse, even compared to twitter sometimes, and it's hard to archive or document. I feel v. vulnerable to this too, even though I've been here since relatively near the start, since my memory is pretty bad. I can only hope I've given you an honest report, hopefully others can confirm. I'd love to hear about your process if you find a nice WP/ap flow (I've been thinking abt it but my tech skiils are poor :B;)


@paralithode there is a really nice plugin (wordpress.org/plugins/activity) that creates a fediverse account for each user on the blog, and the fediverse account even has an avatar if you have Gravitar set up for that user. I have it set up for @leni currently, it works pretty well!

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@sunflowers wow, thank you so much! great tip, I'll have to have a play with it πŸ’–β€‹πŸ¦€β€‹

@sunflowers @paralithode @leni i didn't follow pixelfed in any particular detail, so first read your post as "i recreated my wordpress as custom pixelfed instance", and was like 🀩🀯🀩, and now i'm like 😾😿😭😾

your website looks awesome either way! ✨✨✨

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