I deleted Giphy off my phone thanks to the FB purchase. I am going to fully delete my Instagram account (I deleted it off my phone awhile back) this weekend. Fuck this shit. I have enough stress in my life without having my life story stolen and sold for profit.

Side note, if you want your own Pixelfed instance it's super easy with Spacebear ( They do everything for you!

I also finally deleted my LiveJournal account. I had moved all my entries to DeadJournal when it got sold to the Russian company, but I always left it open because it was my home for so long and I had a permanent account. I just cleared out my scrapbook, saved my user pic page to my computer, and copied my S1 styles to DeadJournal. End of an era.

@sunflowers my account got deleted for good back in March on there. I set up a new blog over on Dreamwidth a while back even though I barely update it.

@mo Depends, but mostly no. It's not updated at all and there's no interaction with other people. There are still people using it but communities are dead, so it's pretty much for you. Dreamwidth is still very active though.

@sunflowers idk honestly. everything on there is from high school so well over 15 yrs of embarrassing content... but it’s *my* embarrassing content lol. i might just delete it but i haven’t decided.

@sunflowers never looked back after i deleted my fb. my ig is deactivated. 🀘🏽

@mo @sunflowers Ugh, my Instagram account is still undeleted but now I can't even go back and look at my own pictures without logging in, it makes me so angry. Might have to archive and nuke this weekend

@pagrus I requested my data and it said it could take 2 days but was emailed in 20 minutes, so that was a plus. You can request it in the account settings, believe it was under privacy.


@sunflowers @mo I think I did already a while ago, and was mulling over a Pixelfed or Mastodon re-poster. But then I got sad looking at old pictures and abandoned it

@sunflowers @mo I meant casually like "oh I like this picture, I'll send a link to my friend" type looking, or "oh I'll scroll through pictures from 2013, that will be fun" kind of looking, which you can't do any more without logging in

@pagrus that update was a terrible move. If they weren't owned by Facebook I'd still delete it just for forcing people to have an account to view public pages. @mo

@sunflowers @mo Yeah I'd like to think it would be the final nail in the coffin for people but the reality is that I doubt most people even noticed

@sunflowers @mo I was going to call it necrogram but it's in the dusty pile of Projects That I Thought Would Be Fun But Actually Make Me Sad

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