If you're on a Mastodon instance, do you use:

Web 12 36 7

@sunflowers I use Pinafore almost exclusively on desktop so I don't know how to answer this

@sunflowers The width of the new interface is kinda nice though. I wish the columns of the original one were a bit wider

@sunflowers I always use #Halcyon because it's simple and easy to use.And it would be pretty bad if I didn't use my own software 馃槅

@sunflowers I didn't know there was a simple interface :D thanks for the advice, I never really liked the original..

@chillja same! I started using the single column about a month ago, and it is so much less distracting so I can read peoples' posts. I also turned off boosts in the home timeline as well which helped with that a lot.

@sunflowers The single column one takes away way too much information when I tried it out.

@sunflowers Single column for sure. The multicolumn one requires way too much screen real estate, and I'm not any sort of power user.

@sunflowers oh wow... wasn't even aware of new single column interface. I like it, though still prefer #pinafore for simplified single-column purposes.

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