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Grrrr they're already starting with the πŸŽ†β€‹ and it's still daylight out

I just discovered cat eye nail polish (late I know) and I am obsessed.

Chicago stuff 

If you're thinking about becoming a subscriber, between today and the last day of the month I am accepting subscriptions for Aug. July is now closed.

I reallyyyy hate snow when it's here, but seeing snowy scenery in photos or on a show always feels nice. It's so pretty.

I just saw the usual summer large motorcycle gathering at the gas station 🀬

covid assholes 

A call for personal stories of COVID unemployment 


For any beauty and makeup people out there: the brand Morphe has released a statement stating they will continue to support and work with Jeffree Star even in light of all the racist bullshit he's been surrounded by as well as the frankly pretty disturbing on going accusations that he's blackmailing tons of people .

Just so you know, so that you can spend your money wisely. Support indie brands.

For anyone who likes to run/jog/walk 5Ks, here's one that is virtual and proceeds go to various non-profits here in solidarity with #BLM:

You can complete it any time this month, and you get a t-shirt and medal. Win-win!


If you want to be a July patrΓ³n I've decided to extend the last subscription date until tomorrow!!

TQP raising money for the Navajo Nation Relief Fund, please boost! 

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