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Starting GTA V over for the 3rd time (not because I don't like it, I just always fall off). I think I got to like 20% done on PS3, got nowhere on PS4, now maybe I'll get through it on Xbox.

I went to buy that pretty bird feeder yesterday, but realized they were charging more in shipping than the feeder itself and it was more than I could spend. I got this one instead, and I'm excited because apparently it's a style cardinals love. I heard/saw one high up in a tree yesterday, so hopefully they'll visit my yard!

I just saw that a Gab account followed my Pixelfed account. What the fuck?

I raked up the backyard and the rake gave me an allergic reaction on my hands so I had to skip basketball today. Blah. Tuesday and Wednesday are supposed to be nice again so 🤞🏼​

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Sitting outside during my lunch break. As soon as I'm done with work I'm coming back out here to put up my new net and shoot around since it's supposed to hit 67*F.

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is back for WEEK 4!!n

@Shrigglepuss & I went with a folk theme, so while he brings us the British folk I tried to give us folk from La Am, Nigeria & Af Am folk tings. Also a guy from Canada :)

Enjoy!! If you listen, let us know!

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for us to have a conversation without ppl butting in every 5 min to try to derail or accuse us of talkin about *you* personally. We're talking abt systemic social behavior.

Again, "that's not what I said tho, is it?" APPLIES.

I'm tired of ppl taking these conversations as personal slights against them, you see yourself in that behavior? Then learn how to undo it. You think we're being divisive? Learn abt intersectionality.
You want POC to be censored? Deal w ur implicit biases

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My city is giving up to $2K in financial assistance for businesses to board up their building—if they cover it with art. Neighborhood is starting to look a lot less like a disaster area and more like we're all in this together.

It had been a few days since I woke up at 3:30am so I am extra annoyed that it happened again. At least it's Friday though.

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Hey hey!
I could use some assistance via boosts or donations to my GFM! I'm trying to bounce from my unexpected move back to states-Barça & I can't make prints to sell or work yet on my visa.

Plus I'm trying to create content & other projects to share on the fedi but that requires money as many things do.

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covid bs 


I will likely have a puppy in 3 weeks 😍 now to think of a name...

A bunch of southwest side restaurants are doing a digital Restaurant Week. I can recommend Carnitas Uruapan, Las Islas Marias, and La Michoacana as I've tried those, but legit the rest are probably awesome too.

I got a migraine and I can't find my peppermint oil 😭

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