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Posting this to pin to my profile: if we have never interacted and you follow more than 200 people, I won't accept your follow request. I post a lot of personal stuff as followers only and I like to know and interact with my mutuals.

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I've been a little lazy about posting on my Wordpress photogram accounts, but I've just set up one for Alfie.

Me: @len
Frankie: @frankie
Alfie: @alfie

They all federate so feel free to follow!

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Oh I think the airplanes affect it but that's weird because it's not satellite, unless they cause some weird interference with the antenna signals...

Does anyone have a TV antenna that doesn't work like garbage? My upstairs one stopped working and the basement one glitches up every 20 seconds.


Somebody posted looking for Halloweenesque songs so I made a playlist of my own. Check it:

Winding down with a new wax melt going. ~Cozy Fireside~ for a chilly evening.

gun mention 

Threadless allows your designs to be put on masks now. My keep calm and wear a mask design as a mask makes me laugh.

My mom has gotten to the point where she'll see ads for shirts then ask me to make that design so she can get it through my store. I appreciate it but it's making my store look a little cheesy lol

This week has felt like an eternity, I'm glad it's over. Hope everyone has a nice weekend.

Hi, I need money for #trans related clothes (~100?), #medicalbills (owed $400, and 3 more labs need to get done :flan_sad:), for a nice #Halloween (my favorite season!), to take my cats to the vet for a checkup, food, etc

Ways to give:

- Buy a #QTBIPOC Pride sticker designed by me, made by @popstar by messaging them or going here

- Paypal or Google pay (PM me for info

- Venmo (info in next toot)

- Boosting this! :boost_requested:

#crowdfund #disability #BIPOC

LB: you probably won't guess what my 3 are but I'm in there 😁

It's the first of the new #MastoSourcedPlaylists!

The One About Good Vibes - I asked people for songs that make 'em feel better when things are shit, and here we are! Over 50 songs to make you feel nice!

If you want to be involved in future playlists (I think we're going to do Once a Week for now) just let me know and I'll get you on the list!

We now have an etsy shop up and running and ready to take orders, in case you prefer to order this way.

Keep in mind, these are still preorders. Still waiting on some supplies to come in.


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