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this account is pro-indigenous sovereignty no matter what the country in question is

restore the land, restore the people, save the earth

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:lotcora: I am Citlali, the author of New Fire and other random short stories focused chiefly on latine/ latinx queers. I write fantasy, steampunk, solarpunk, speculative fic, & romance.

This is my official public account where I will be just slightly less of a disaster.

This account will feature updates on writing, project announcements, share research, share character profiles, and world building.

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this account now dedicated to shit talking old gods.

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Want specific answers to specific questions? Don't wanna wait for my lazy ass to do a live Q&A?

:lotalac: Cualli teotlac, mimichtin! 🐠 We are back this week with a bit of a different topic. Today we're going to look at a polarizing woman in Mexico's history- a woman whose reputation has labeled her everything from The Mother of Mexico, to the greatest Traitor in History. Was she simply a slave girl unable to control her circumstances or was she the true conqueror of Mexico? Lets talk about La Malinche :lotcoro:

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@star Fuck landlords, fuck developers, fuck politicos on the rezoning comissions

learned that a restaurant that's been in my old neighborhood since before my grandparents immigrated is closing down despite a huge following and generational patronage because they can't afford rent anymore.

an immensely popular, always busy restaurant. is closing. because the cost of rent. is unsustainable.

fuck gentrification.

Chile, +++, youtube link 

also, I am still looking at how to formulate some kind of thread regarding gender and sexuality within the Empire. I haven't stopped researching it, but it is slow.

it may wind up being a mash up of speculation and real world, modern cultures of Mexico and how their handle gender presentation. Its a lot more varied than you might think it is.

tbh that was a fun thread for me. let me know if you like people oriented threads and i'll see who else i can suss out to talk about.

Ultimately, she exists the same way as we all do. Incomplete and ever changing based on the opinions of those viewing us. Mother. Traitor. Intelligent. Scared. Slave. Conqueror. Complicated. Conflicted.

La Malinche, Doña Marina, Malinalli, a woman of infamy.

Thanks for reading <3 Feel free to ask questions! And if you can, please tip the writer! Funds go towards feeding my fat alibrijes and anxiety medication. Thank you! :lotcoro:

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Of course, my interpretation and perspective are as biased as anyone else's. For all we know, she was a girl in love with Cortes who believed she was doing the right thing.

Indigenous women that were to be subjected to generations of forcible conversion to Christianity, to have their children taken away and stripped of their native language, clothing, stories, and understanding of their own history.

La Malinche forgave her mother for selling her into slavery, you know. La Malinche was a good Christian woman who bore babies and stood by her master proudly. So why can't you be the same way?

Why? Well, who knows? Possibly to cover up a tale of anger, agony, and guilt, the story of a child slave raped repeatedly by careless masters that used her against her people. The Catholic church were (are) master manipulators of the truth and it would have benefited them to leave La Malinche to be silent, forgiving, and obedient. After all, what better figure head could exist for the remaining indigenous women left in the wake of destruction?

Its possible that these records exist, somewhere. Given that she is described multiple times by Spanish invaders and friars as a "great woman" and that they thought her to be refined and intelligent and valuable, its hard to believe one of them didn't ask her at some point. We know that she learned to speak Spanish fluently and was known to have had some autonomy of herself so what happened to her voice? Likely any records were destroyed and purposefully.

What, exactly, does this make La Malinche? Was she simply a terrified and traumatized girl fighting for her survival after being sold by her own mother into a life of slavery? Was she trying to walk a fine line between her survival and easing the total genocide of the people? Or was she more devious than that? Was she really and truly a traitor taking out vengeance on her people that made her a slave?

Well.. we don't really know. No authentic texts exist to our knowledge of what she thought.

The Tlaxcalans, with their knowledge of the land and the armament of the Mexica as well as their supplies and warrior reinforcements, were vital in the downfall of the Aztec empire. Contemporary historians often consider La Malinche to be the true conqueror of Mexico, for they believe that without her aid, Hernan Cortes and his men would have never been able to amass as many allies as it took to tear down the golden Empire.


There were a great many casualties, but eventually a peace was called and a compromise reached. For the cost of a few of their warriors, the Spanish would allow the Tlaxcalan empire to remain and they would help him destroy their enemies, the Mexica in their golden city of Tenochtitlan.

This treaty was aided by the translation of none other than La Malinche, who had been given as a gift to the Spanish only a few weeks before meeting the Tlaxcalans.

When the Spanish arrived on the shores of Mexico, they were greeted by the Totonacas, a people that were subjects of the Aztec empire. They saw the arrival of the Spanish with their steel and firearms and saw an opportunity for freedom. They led them inland, meeting with many tribes that would willing and able to help bring down the Aztec's reign including Tlaxcalans who met the Spanish with an army of 30,000 warriors who did not hesitate to engage the Spanish in battle.

Many of us of Mexican American descent tend to think of ourselves as Mexica. Aztec. Of the lineage of great and noble warriors- And that very well may be so! After all, whose to say otherwise when so much of our recorded history has been destroyed? However, biologically, the case may be that we are mostly descended from the Tlaxcalans, a great and fearsome enemy to the Mexica empire.

Few images from the codices exist where Hernan Cortes does *not* have Marina by his side. It was said she presided as his translator, guide, adviser, and even as a battle tactician when diplomacy failed.

There are at least two surviving records of La Malinche's gift of gab leading to the interruption of plans by local indigenous tribes to attack and take down Cortes and his men. This was seen as betrayal to many, and today "malinchista" is often used to denote a traitor to one's country.

It was this gift of language that made La Malinche into the historical figure she stands as today, a figure of so much controversy that in the mid 1980s, a statue erected in her honor depicting her, Cortes, and their son Martin who is regarded widely as the very first mestizo, was torn down after protests by students. While the statue was meant to represent the mixed heritage of Mexico today, it was reviled as a monument to a traitor who helped to usher in the genocide of a nation.

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