they should be called “acknowledgements” not “likes” because sometimes that’s really what i’m doing.

plus gamified interaction is (sometimes) necessary and (often) detrimental. a like does not *have to be* an endorsement or a metric of validity. 🤔

also i realize its favorites on here lol! but it’s similar imo.

@sourcookie and theres even another layer when we refer to them as "favorites/faves"! I'm sure the terms impact our social engagement (but I'm not gonna be the one to figure out exactly how.)

@sourcookie plus it's weird to "like" a post when you see someone is having a hard time but dont know what to say. A ⭐ is definitely an "acknowledgment" in that kind of situation

@Gattogateaux sorry!!! i’m so typo prone. you’re absolutely right. but i guess it would be interesting to not call it a like.

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