📣 bay area folks: getting rid of a lot of quality things for free or cheap. i will curate a full list sometime this week. things like an elevated 2 person dining table, apple tv, ps4, etc.! dm me for more details abt location/pickup. PLEASE BOOST. 📣

Hello folks! Tagging those who responded to me. I didn't know if I should DM this list or just post but pls DM if you need more info, have questions, or want the item. Furniture post will come soon.

@pbandkate @bouncinglime @vee @bnys

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@sourcookie (I'm over the hills in Livermore, so location is the biggest factor)

@sourcookie is the PS4 still available? me and my brother are interested in knowing the possible price. :0

we're in the Bay Area. 🙌

@vee hey! unfortunately that's the one thing that isn't available any longer :/ sorry! ill post a list of available items tonight or tomorrow.

@sourcookie that's alright! i meant to ask abt it like 3 days ago or smth but i kept forgetting. dkfjg

that's my bad. :blobsweat:

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