today instead of i wanna suggest that you take a moment to consider the things about yourself and your presentation that feel Identity Dissonant, and consider what it would be like to not feel Dissonant there;

this is different from Identity Regret, though; "i wish i was originally an x or a y" (or for me, "i wish i could've been a z. there is no z, and i have nothing to be" are Regrets.

we can change today. we can be the person we want to be. just yell it out

for my post today: i want to talk about Becoming, Differently.

when we come from a place of expected assimilation, it is a revolutionary act of self care to find the ways in which we choose to be Different, mindfully, in simply asserting our truest selves.

today i'm not a "fine thanks", cookie cutter responses to non-questions person. if someone starts asking questions about me i am here to tell them who i am, without anger or fear. the third way. synthesis. Becoming, Differently.


today i encourage you wherever you are in life or your self-image to reflect on the spaces you feel Identity Dissonance, and consider an alternative to feeling Dissonant -

because the word dissonance comes from sound - sonance - and dissonance feels like nails on a chalk board;

what would it be like to have a melody instead of a cacophony inside you? what notes do you feel deserve some rearranging to make the whole of you (and the world around you) resonate with melody And harmony?

take care of yourself this friday by taking some time to connect with other people and get to talk about what's on your mind identity wise. stick to trusted confidants, but say what's been bugging you, what doesn't feel right

from this place of radical validity of the self, the discussion of addressing ourselves, leninist-like, What Is To Be Done? can begin -

& make no mistake, this is not a journey anyone can make alone. we all interdepend, because we all gotta get there together.

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