So I've finally decided to check out this Mastodon thing. Simple rundown on me: Black guy from the DMV area that was moderately successful as an independent hip-hop artist. Now a full-time creative streaming games on Twitch and Mixer, along with writing about video games, mobile tech, and music on Medium. The vibe is always chill. When it comes to drama, I'm tryna stay out the way. Come kick it with me.

@robregal ayeeee welcome fam! what's your info re: music, streaming and the likes?

@robregal dope! I actually follow the Cookout - I knew you was familiar from somewhere lol

glad to see more kinfolk on here

@jalcine oh wow, we already good money then! lol. But yeah, I decided to check this joint out after all the drama on Tumblr.

@robregal Welcome. It's a good place. Takes a little effort to cultivate a network here but it's well worth it.

@sullybiker word, I just look at Mastodon like it's a brand new world to take a walk through and explore. In that aspect, it's gotta at least be better than lol

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