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News flash: blindly being a contrarian in all situations doesn't make you cool, deep, or interesting. It often just exposes your unspoken desire for attention, while extinguishing the desire for anyone to give attention to you. Okay, bye.

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I love it when people realize that Black people exist. And not in some, like, ironic or token existence type of way. We're people. And we're Black. And trust me, we go through some SHIT just for being people that are Black. But it's okay to just treat us with the respect we deserve underneath all of the cool and funny shit we bring to the table as well. The people that get that? Y'all are good with me.

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I don't watch horror movies. I just think about the fact that is going to make a live-action version of . All the fear I need.

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So I've finally decided to check out this Mastodon thing. Simple rundown on me: Black guy from the DMV area that was moderately successful as an independent hip-hop artist. Now a full-time creative streaming games on Twitch and Mixer, along with writing about video games, mobile tech, and music on Medium. The vibe is always chill. When it comes to drama, I'm tryna stay out the way. Come kick it with me.

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Opinion: there's never a bad time to eat pancakes.

Fact: there's never a bad time to eat pancakes.

I should've been asleep hours ago. Now I have to clock in for work in less than 3 hours. And possibly stream at some point after I clock out.

fedi things 

It's wild how the game industry is absolutely terrified of unionizing.

As if the industry will collapse if we pay people fairly and don't force them to work insane hours.

we will not, as a society "Age out" of racism. Activating the 18-40 voter block will not magically wipe out racists voters. Even if you are not *as* racist as your parents doesn't mean there aren't tons of racist folks successfully passing on their values to their progeny.

You do not get out of addressing these systemic issues by waiting for old bigots to die.

try as you might

there is no escaping race

it is the world your ancestors build

if you're trying to escape the afterlife of your ancestral inheritance

might i suggest shadowboxing with your family's ghosts....

1 AM and wide awake because it randomly decided to get hot and humid again after a whole week of super comfortable weather. Mother Nature, you vengeful somebody, you.

And I've now fixed it. How? By continually tapping the Authorize button. Over and over and over again until it finally worked. Technology, folks. Technology.

So I'm trying to get Toot! on iPhone to authorize my account so I can log in and start posting on here again, but it's not working for whatever reason. Any way to fix that?

Hey. You. Yeah, you. The one on Mastodon about to say something negative about somebody for no reason other than to feel better about yourself. Stop being goofy, with yo' bamma ass. Go get ya spirit right.

There is no such thing as natural poverty.

Any instance of people not getting their basic needs met is a completely artificial creation.

There is more than enough to go around for everyone to not suffer. Anyone who says there isn't is a straight up liar.

Had the urge to play some SNES titles today and I'm kinda of taken aback at how well Super Metroid has stood the test of time.

by the way, a cool trick to keep in mind is that has ways of figuring out which instance blocks which.

for example:

so if you ever want to know what is up with an instance, you can just use to find out.

okay, thanks for coming to my TED ta... *pulled off the stage with a shepherding hook*

News flash: blindly being a contrarian in all situations doesn't make you cool, deep, or interesting. It often just exposes your unspoken desire for attention, while extinguishing the desire for anyone to give attention to you. Okay, bye.

I've been on here for almost 24 hours, so I think I'm basically an expert and here's my take:
Mastodon has split the difference between a big discord server and Tumblr.
Like,, I'm not talking directly to anyone so it has the Tumblr "shouting into the void" feel, but the void interacts back enough that I can tell that for somewhere somewhere, my shouting is their problem.

Happy Thursday, lovely fediversians.

We're all going through something. That's just a fact life. When one is moving and shaking to be a better person and improve their community around them, it gets hard.

At times, this manifests as some not so great stuff. Aloofness, rudeness, pettiness, even hostility.

I've found it's a good practice to take a step back and give people space in these moments. Don't take it all so personally. Usually, it's not about you.

The walk is just hard sometimes

Good morning Mastodonauts :blobcatcoffee:

I posted this yesterday on Instagram.

We are putting together the second volume and we will include fan art from the community.

If you love someone, ask them how their mental health is today.

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