app idea: Mastodon except without the bad features

so i gues what i'm saying is you cannot bigleague me.

I am unbigleagueable.

i have a bot that automatically unfollows me from a former mutual if they unfollow me. It doesn't alert me or anything, just cuts ties.

it's convenient. But everyone once in a while i'll see a former mutual boosted into my timeline, someone i haven't heard from in months, and wonder "what the hell happened there?"

Doggo attempting to watch me work on 🤔😣🙇🏿‍♂️

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Anyone in know some games developed by people with ?

The games themselves don't have to be about OCD, I just know that how I approach games is heavily impacted by my OCD and I want to see how people are navigating that in game dev.

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this week i am unplugging from the digital world so instead of fav'ing and boosting your toots i will be printing them out, placing gold star stickers on them, and placing them in a basket on my porch with a sign that says "Take One"

what did the americanized Mary of Nazareth, a white lady, say when told the inn had no room for her Show more

are uwu and awoo related? like are they sisters?

I wrote about EXTREME MEATPUNKS FOREVER. It's a visual novel/arena brawler game about being queer, being angry, fucking up fascists, and the post-apocalyptic future. Unsurprisingly, I liked it very much.

Read more @PasteGames@twitter.com: pastemagazine.com/articles/201

who is this joker character and why does he yell "fursona"

#ff POC to balance out the sheer blinding whiteness of tumblr


there might be more but I'm kinda sleep deprived rn

Behold this kickass two part photo essay on butch folk (some of it's slightly NSFW but artistically)

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