some people say all gamers are racist,, , but the greatest gamer of all time is a gay black furry

maybe it's the white people who are fucking racist??

Hi non-black people, just a friendly reminder that you can't steal AAVE to sound cool and then decide it's played out and out of style and uncool and over. Nope, nada.

six-year old, naive: everyone should have free fruit and vegetables.

50 year old, serious policy thinker: we need to invade Iraq again.

wow if you google "trans game developer" basically all of the first page of results are about actual suicides, or cyberbullying attempts to induce suicide

how nice

oops forgot the descriptions...

it me posing in front of a full length mirror with hand on hip, wearing chunky black heels, a maroon pant, floral top, rose lip, with my pink hair brushed to the side. I'm checking my phone then looking at the camera.

today on the fediverse some dot social bro got real called-out for sealioning then everyone decided to line up in order by height

sure OK why not

remember when selfagency got canceled? 

Like being able to mow down dozens of zombies in seconds is cool and all, but that's not going to help me build a sustainable farm.

Instead of having missions to get more guns, imagine how cool it would be to have to go on missions to recruit specialists to address specific needs in your growing community.

Don't have proper plumbing? Go find a civil engineer. Having trouble building sustainable housing. Trade grain with another community to have their architect​ teach you.

That would be LIT.

all you hornt nerds talking about the hottest star trek characters and not mentioning sex goddess lwaxana troi, smdh

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