Yesterday was reeeeeeaally rough. Today is better. How are y’all coping? Are you staying busy? How??


Videos, reading, gardening, wrestling, making music loops.

But mostly doing the "Kimmy Schmidt" thing and taking it ten seconds at a time. Anything is mostly okay for ten seconds.

@thraeryn I can’t seem to sit and focus on anything. I have managed to clean my house more times than I can count but I haven’t done any other productive thing really. Barely able to watch shows. Lots of music but that’s a constant. Gardening sounds nice. & yes, that’s a pretty good approach.


I know a lot of people have trouble closing away . . . their speculations about the vast stretches of time before & behind them. Every "if".

Never have I been happier to live in the clarity of Now, and let the rest be lost in the fog. But for folks not wired that way, I bet it takes concentration they might not currently have.

This five minutes is probably okay. Shit COULD happen; it's probably okay.

@thraeryn I’m working on it. I actually love being at home but now I’m like antsy and just worried about everyone but I only have control over so much 🤷🏾‍♀️


Yep. Can't save everyone, can't make it all okay.

Can chat with a buddy or two, see how they're holding up.

@thraeryn that part has been nice. Talked to some people I haven’t in a while because I had been isolating myself (lol)

@phoenyxgreene I'm glad you're doing better today!

For me I still have to work my usual 9 hours during the day, but for after and the weekends I am just trying to do things that I don't ever do anymore. I started playing video games again and got a basketball to shoot around (there's an old hoop on my garage, used to do that daily when I was younger). I also want to ride my bike around when it's not gross out. Doing different things than usual is definitely helping with distraction.

@sunflowers thank you. I have all these ideas for things to do, I just can’t seem to DO the things lol. I’m trying to at least do one thing a day that isn’t laying here panicking.

@phoenyxgreene am working from home so that's long stretches of time and brain space consumed

@tqft I’m trying to find a work from home job now 😭

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