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I lost three press-ons since last night and honestly I don’t even know what’s going on anymore.

Also, don’t judge me. I will fight you.

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My boyfriend making jokes about taking my dog to the shelter so we both cry (the dog & I)...I promise you living in my house is interesting lol

If I hear about this Popeyes sandwich ONE MORE TIME I-

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I don’t have a big enough head to not get this gel stuff all in my hair trying to set this wig 🙄 if I put it on my forehead my hairline will be literally on my eyebrows 😂

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You so

⠀ Fuckin


⠀ When you
⠀ ❤️ 💞 💮
⠀ 🌸SMILE 🏵️
⠀ 💝 💖

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Y’all: I don’t think EVERYBODY should just be labeled trash forever more🙄. We need rehabilitative justice, we can’t keep eating our own. This isn’t Twitter.


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im freakin out "thinks he's Luigi's rival" like luigi doesnt give one shit about this guy

Wow, I’m paranoid AND awkward. How does anyone like me?

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Soooo, I guess I’ll just look at all things Euphoria-related until season 2 drops. 😭😭😭

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Oh wait, I alienated all my irl friends by being a depressing person.

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Anybody else check to make sure their dog is breathing every 5 minutes? My dog wasn’t crying for once so I called him and he ignored me so I thought he was dead...until 5 seconds later when he sighed VERY loudly at me like I was annoying him 😭

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