Boy, I’ll tell you...nothing like trying on clothes in stores to remind you that you have actually gained weight and no, you CANNOT squeeze into that XS/Size 0 😂😂😂

For my birthday, I’m doing nothing. Or imma have to have my outfit ready like a month in like next week 😂

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‪I just spent almost two hours buying things to wear tonight and I still haven’t decided. Why am I like this?‬

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Whatever. I’m taking a shower and getting wine drunk while making steak and potatoes.

It was all good like 2 hours ago. I really should learn to stop letting what other people do bother me when it’s not reallyyyyy affecting me but when it’s my fp(s) I really can’t help it.

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I somehow live in this totally alternate universe simultaneously and I’m tireddddddd.

Sooooo, just let me eat my veggie straws and drink my coconut water/kombucha/wine in peace 😂

I may now also be addicted to veggie straws but I was eating whole bags of chips by myself in one sitting before so 🤷🏾‍♀️

Can it come out that Jussie was set up because I really can’t handle this kinda betrayal 😅

These veggie straws are NOT the same as the other ones....imma still eat em though 🤷🏾‍♀️

Glass of wine number 3 after I pee
Hey that rhymed

People could be like “it’s just a kick back. Everybody gon be in sweats.” & I’ll be the one on The Rolling Stones hoodie with furry slides. That’s about as low key as I can possibly get. Of course my dark makeup and studded jewelry don’t help.

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