Being that I only work for 4 hours today, I thought it would go by fast but it’s so dead and dragging by 😭 1.5 more hours.

Laying back about to fall asleep in the movie theatre before the movie even starts. Is this what getting old is like?

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I was going to wear makeup today but my skin is THRIVING so now idk. Lmao I rarely wear makeup anymore but I do like putting shit on my face. I’m just too lazy half the time or my skin looks so nice that I’m like eff it. 😂 I’m so tornnnnn.

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matta fact, I don’t even care where you beeeeeen.

real protective wit my soul, where youuuu been?

Besides, my one best friend that I’ve been friends with since middle school 😂

This is legit the first time I’ve made lasting connections to people I work (or have worked with). Hanging out outside of work, texting, talking on the phone. I know all of that seems super normal, but I have never had stable relationships with people...until now lol

I still don’t sleep like I should but my mind just stays busy 🤷🏾‍♀️

I used to be severely depressed and anxious (still have moments but not nearly as many). I was ALWAYS sick (last week was the first time in a YEAR that I’ve gotten sick and it might have been allergies). I had gotten very thin, but I’m back to my preferred weight 😌

I know a lot of people, including my therapist 😂, think self care isn’t everything and that’s very true, but I can’t tell y’all how far away I am from the person I used to be. I am so much happier and healthier now that I’m more conscious about what I put in and on my body.

‪About to go see Little with my mom and her friend and then maybe seafood afterwards. Best Easter ever 😂‬

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Hair is ~45% of your overall look, to say it is unimportant is completely insane

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