I’m having a really weird mix of contradicting emotions and it’s making me seasick.

The funny thing about trauma is finally realizing you cannot just “fill the void” but you don’t know how to stop trying??? 😅

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i made a quick comic for my partner to post on his fb today about something that has been bothering me lol 🦢

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my gender is princess and my pronouns are how dare you even think about addressing me directly 👑

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*turns chair around* it's my National Coming Out Day Talk Show more

How do you decide what to watch when you have no idea what you’re in the mood for?

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"why dont they let cashiers in the US sit down when theres nobody in line?" Show more

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It is kinda maddening how I kinda hate being alone but I don’t really like people 😅

Literally logged out of Twitter because of the TP thing 😅
I don’t know how to feel, but because it’s none of my business honestly, I’m just gonna leave it alone.

I love bi representation in music. I mean I only listen to Chanel by Frank Ocean almost everyday. 😭

That’s all I want right now to be masking and binge watching.

LISTENNNNN, I could be at home watching Terrace House or something but instead I’m at work. At least I got a bomb discount on my lunch 🙃

Why is Summer Walker such a mood all the time???

I just ignored a call for no reason at all except that I don’t want to talk and I feel bad about it.
But not bad enough to call back or text.
Why am I like this?? 😭

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the fediverse is the coolest place to be on a Friday night

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