Union leaders behaving badly 

re: hive mind meta 

re: hive mind meta 

On obesity 

Good afternoon friends! Surprised by how fast the remaining cloud cleared overnight, mostly just haze & cottony tatters left by this morning. Cold buffeting wind sweeping around, reservoir quivers & glitters strangely w/a queasy hypnotic rhythm. Kingfisher appeared again, a mote of blue flame skimming along the water.

Still the weight of a little fatigue hangover trailing along, needing to take a long gentle pause btwn activities.

May we find spaces in our lives for quiet & reflection today!

impending homelessness, extreme poverty, abuse, boost for visibility 

We are going to sue the Japanese government to recognize my gender transition and our marriage! Crowdfunding is LIVE! Please donate if you can and share as widely as possible and help both us and the community here! Thank You!


i'm sure that has been posted before but it can always use repeating: here is a resource to help connect marginalized folk with therapists from similar backgrounds as them. Founded and chaired by a team of black, brown, and asian doctors so you know its not totally lip service



I posted a bunch of self portrait-y sketches I made for class in a patreon post, because there's just so many of them. It was fun though! The post is publicly visible, but if you like them, please consider following or becoming a patreon 💖

Good afternoon friends! Feeling easier in my body today as the sky, though still cloudy, is paler & varicoloured–pale fawn in the east where the sun smoulders low & bronze, shot through w/slender azure veins of clear sky.

Managed exercise & walking fairly smoothly, though not quite so much better as I thought I was at first, & inconveniently flagging a little before I've showered. Everything is just bit by bit, at the pace we can manage.

May we honestly reflect on & accept our feelings today!



death, nuance 

Trying to remember that things I achieve outside the dominant capitalist mode - things that I can't monetize or turn into a "career" - are still good and fun and healthy for me to do

That time again where I have to do my due diligence as an anti-schooling (now, I didn't say anti-education, did I? I make a distinction between the two) advocate and link John Taylor Gatto's "The Six-Lesson Schoolteacher" (1991): cantrip.org/gatto.html

It describes several—but not all—ways that schooling acts as social conditioning, even before propaganda steps into the picture. If the media is indirect behavioral control for the state, schooling is the direct behavioral control. Cheers.

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