Violence is not just hitting someone in the face. Violence is passing legislation and policies to deny a sick persons access to healthcare. Violence is removing peoples autonomy and the ability to have safe abortions. Violence is removing funding for food programs that help feed the starving. Violence is dismantling housing and aid programs that help the homeless. Violence is sanctions placed on "third world" nations leading to starvation and death. Violence is the criminalization of drug use. Violence is discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender or lack thereof, race, ability, or age. Violence isn't just throwing fists or shooting people. Violence has evolved with our society to be far more cunning, shifting and bureaucratic than that.

Removing someones ability to hand out harm reduction services to help prevent overdoses and the spread of disease in their neighborhood is inherently an act of violence.

We re running low on funds again so any donations will help us to fill up our gas tank and get food. 🙏 Wopida tanka!! 💕 #mastocrowdfund #disabledcrowdfund #Indigedon #NativeMastodon

We are also without an air conditioner for our vehicle. I'm worried about how hard that is going to be on my 6 yr old twin sons. If you can help at all it would be a great blessing. 💕 #emergencycrowdfund #indigedon #mastocrowdfund

Here's my little #commissions toot! 😄 I offer several different styles, and I take #Warframe and limited #Transformers commissions as well.

Note that these are base prices (all in USD) for the lineart of a single character--color, additional characters, complex designs, props, and backgrounds will add on to the price. The full price guide and my TOS is always up to date here!:

Good morning friends! Spectacular turn-around after yesterday's grey start. Clouds simmered off entirely in less than an hr. All that's left are lonely puffs of down & a fingernail sliver of daylight moon in an azure field. The forecast was even revised—suggests a week of temps nearing 30°

Still in an early rising phase—walked in dew-beaded morning, stretched, showered. Energy flags fast, but I've been.getting a slight afternoon 2nd wind.

May we find places & communities that welcome us today!

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Here's the commission I've done of @prin 's OC! I'm super happy with it.
I'm also still open for commissions - my prices etc. are pinned to my profile!
#mastoart #art #commission #commissionsopen #commissionme

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just a gay sketching photo studies of hands, nothing special

#mastoart #creativetoots #sketch

you can get these designs and many more on tees, hoodies, badges, stickers and a bunch of other things right here: 🎆🎇🎆🎇🎆

So #Gab spinoff and anti-Trans fake feminist site #spinster just launched this app. And although Google has already removed Gab's app for violating it's terms of use. For the moment this is live. Would be helpful for some of the reviews to share that the service is an TERF hive, and that it fully federates #Gab content against Google's TOS.

Reviews and reports here:

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Good morning friends! Air slowly thickening yesterday, & this morning a creeping humidity has enveloped the world, muffling sounds beneath smooth grey skies.

My schedule-fixing efforts have somehow been unusually effective this time, to the weird extent that I've accidentally become a temporary morning person–went for walk already & I just finished exercising. I don't know how sustainable this is, but it feels OK for now.

May we find acts that bring us a sense of purpose & achievement today!


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hey friends!

i'm a 31 yo brown queer femme currently living in nyc. i'm a visual designer by trade. i spend time on here talking about my experiences, my culture, the diaspora, mental health, and my queer self/friends/family.

i sometimes post 420 videos but a lot of you already know that.

please respect my space. only dm me if we're mutuals. and please do not give me unsolicited advice.


force disney and sony to accept the judgment of Solomon and each choose only either the top or bottom half of spider-man to make films about

I'd like to take a moment of your timeline to ask folks to use CamelCase in your tags. I didn't know until I came to masto that this helps people who use screen readers parse them as words rather than jumbles of characters. When there are multiple words mashed together in a tag, try capitalising each one, for instance

you can go to an online screen reader site like this one to check out the difference it makes:

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