Freddie Prince Jr. nailed when he said most of the CONTROVERSY around the new Star Wars flicks is because dudes are mad Han gave the Millennium Falcon to a girl.

The new Star Wars flicks are quality films that fit the trajectory of the series. Virtually all of the 'critique' saying they are not centers around white dudes feeling they are not white dude'ing enough.

But if one watched the actual films, it was *never* about centering white dudes.

You're just a sexist piece of shit, homie.


@Are0h I think a lot of white male "core" fans self defined thru the vague outlines of Luke/Han as cool powerful male role models, emptying them of their growth, failures & stuggles...then are incredibly offended when they turn out to have feet of clay–a scoudrel & sleazeball couldn't settle down & be dad of the year? a rash redneck w/dad issues & a month of training can't be a perfect jedi teacher?? B-but that means I'm not fine just the way I dare they suggest I have to change & grow!

@paralithode @Are0h

One of the best parts of the new films is the life trajectory of the three main OT characters! It is perfectly in line with who each of them were. And it's a part people seem to criticize the most.

@paralithode @Are0h this is a neat way to think of star wars that i hadn't thought of before, genuine thanks for posting & boosting it!

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