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jmz🦀ᵛᶦᶜᶦᵒᵘˢ ᶜʳᵘˢᵗᵃᶜᵉᵃᶰ ᵐᵒᵈᵉ @paralithode

I keep forgetting to mention it b/c I'm Tired, but in the discord I proposed a work group called the Communication & Community Skills Learning Group, for helping educate folks on issues of prejudice & conflict resolution. Surprisingly to me the group Kinda Exists now, unwieldy name & all, & has a wiki page:

it's not a big or organised group though, mainly me slowly adding links to a page, so if you have any interest, resources or ideas please get in touch💕​

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@paralithode Really appreciate the work you're doing on that page btw :D

Thank you so much, & thank you for fixing all the formatting up too so that it looks like anything!❤