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Hey all, I have a month to come up with 2000 dollars or I won’t be able to continue at uni. I’ve been working my ass off but I’m at a stand still. I’ve already paid 4000 and I can provided documentation if anyone needs it. Please help. my paypal:


blocking all of AWS IP space in your firewall is a good way to find out just how many things use AWS in some fashion (including some Mastodon instances [usually S3/Cloudfront])

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beautiful peacock

finally found the motivation to finish this ԅ(¯﹃¯ԅ)

Ai~ ❤️❤️
Felt like trying a different painting method and I think it came out rly well 😍

#oc #digitalart #mastoart

Goodnight friends! Clouds today dispersed into blocky, compact comic-strip cigar shapes, leaving swathes of sun-drenched sapphire & a return to fairly sweltering heat.

Today was mostly taken up by my partner & I visiting a pair of partners we met recently, chatting, hanging out & playing board/card games. I got totally wiped out p. fast, but it's wonderful having even brief access to other, freer social worlds.

May we expand our horizons & our understanding of how much lies beyond them today!

An unicorn mage or something like that #MastoArt

Contrasts has returned with a new chapter!! 🎊🎊🎊

Updates will be three times a week Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday!


i just went and added the folks who added me on

i will be checking daily so i don't miss anyone

the #StevenUniverseWatchParty will take place Friday July 20 at 8pm EST, the room will open at 7:30pm EST

we will start with the pilot episode, and then move to season 1 ep 1 and continue on from there

you can add me on, and view the event via:


Preorders are open for my new pencil illustration book which features the four characters you’ve seen me draw lately. I put a lot of love and care into these pages so I hope to be able to touch you in some way.

Thank you so much for your interest and support. ;-; #mastoart #creativetoots

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finally im up to date with my revenges now I can attack some mastodon homies so be ready 🔪
(characters belong to mechonis, ClownCrown, Novaster, sp00ky_lyle)
#artfight #artfight2018 #monster #art #mastoart

smells like christmas in here, i swear to god

[photo of a work table with some very large prints in the process of being framed; under the table is a pile of pine branches]

Sharing some writing that was in big and small ways influenced by people here.

thankful for all the wise intellectuals in this space, (especially those who don't recognize themselves in that description).

A very important werewolf girl. All self art, and unfortunately like 90% of what I draw these days is her, so watching me is like a legal agreement to be subjected to this angry ball of fur constantly over...yknow, maybe more variety lol

But I mean c'mon. werewolves!