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are in the air, & I'm nothing if not extremely pliable! I'm James, @paralithode but in a smaller community w/a nicer feel! I'm an illustrator, fantasist & broad-spectrum nerd.

I've lived w/ since I was 14–a chronic illness that affects cognition & means I'm always exhausted+in pain. Usually not v. active (except for boosting a lot of visual art & some nice social justice threads), tho every day I say goodnight before I got to bed.

My primary partner+carer is @Damage 💕​

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Hello, & thank you so much to everyone who's decided to watch my posts, new friends & long-standing companions–especially since I've moved across the fediverse! I'm grateful for the time & space you've given me in your social media ecosystem. I hope to bring good & valuable things to your timeline.

If you see me post about anything you'd prefer to be given a content note, or if there's anything I'm doing you'd like me to do less or more of, please let me know & I'll do my best to improve!

!! I changed my display name. This is how it's actually pronounced.
(the a's in my name are schwas)

I've also grown fond of this self portrait, might use it as an avatar but it looks MEAN

only just started listening to it, but my brother has made what already sounds like a great ambient album.

"All proceeds from this recording will be donated in equal parts to The Bail Project ( and Medical Aid for Palestinians (, in honour of a historic solidarity between two struggles."

Y'a quelques mois j'ai fait une expo intitulée 'intra'

J'ai récupéré mes peintures qui ont fait un bon confinement sous verre :D

Thread :

#mastoart #art






※日本政府により緊急事態宣言が発令されました。 皆様、政府、自治体など公的機関の指示に従った行動をお願いします。

My second attack on #ArtFight! Rodents have very pretty heads! 😍 Why do I have so many dog furries? I need more rodent furries.

I'll test around with different coloring styles in Art Fight, here with colored lines. 🤔

#mastoArt #furry #teamSpice

Anyone have questions about #assistanceDogs/#serviceDogs?

I haven't done this in I think a long while, but anyways literally ask me anything regarding them! Whether you're disabled or you like dogs or just have questions about them.

I especially know about #autism assistance #dogs.

I am coming from a U.S. perspective, so the laws I know are here and I know a bit about British Columbia.

#actuallyAutistic #disabilityLifestyle #accessibility #spoonie

More examples, CW for gore/grossness/sort-of-nsfw nudity?/body horror/food 

school fund/ gofundme/ abuse/Sa mention 

Good evening friends! Raining on & off all day so I've been feeling fairly sore & subdued. Sputtering, furious gusts of wet wind from an uncanny featureless white sky groaned through the trees–upturned the pale undersides of leaves, spat cold droplets up into my face, wrestled w/my umbrella.

Worn out, doesn't even feel like I've been able to get my day started. Hard to keep focus through aches & pains that only seem to be building.

May we find a deeper sense of our own worth & potential today!

New commission post! I do these digitally, and provide them as such. 300x300mm flattened files, 300dpi, for personal use only.
🖌️ With a background (like the pieces below) - £65
🖌️ Full figures - £40
🖌️ Busts - £30
I'll add more CW'd examples below, but my insta is linked on my profile, there's loads there. Boosts appreciated! 💙
Full terms and conditions and info here:
#mastoart #art #commission #commissionsopen #commissionme

hungry for a weekend dose of synthy sarcasm, hammering drumbeats & thick, grimy guitar sounds? Me too, and we're both in luck! This week its another solo outing for #FridayFeelsRadio w/ @Shrigglepuss

a bumper crop of fun MVs this time, hybrid animation styles & psychogreographical jaunts through crumbling british estates & suburbia. Take care, b/c there are some flashing images.

check out the original on spotify

or the A/V vers. on youtube

Dunno if it's within my capabilities, but I'm keen on attempting to make (free/pay what you want) brushes that are more inclusive re: mobility etc, and welcome any thoughts from people with reduced mobility. I'll obvs be trying to conduct research on my own end. I dunno if photoshop actions are downloadable/easy to make available, but might try make a few of those in line with this too.

(this is clumsily written, if my terminology/intentions come across shittily please feel free to correct me)

This is sort of #FridayFeelsRadio 12 but flying solo this week! Normal service will resume eventually don't worry ✨
An hour blend of rockish stuff to get you into the weekend 🤟

Since bandcamp are once again waiving their fees on purchases I'm reposting my list of 40 black experimental artists here.

If you want to support artists today is the day!

#bandcamp #music #experimental #experimentalmusic

hey frens!! bandcamp are waiving their revenue share again. if you're considering buying our EP today is the day to do it!!

only if you have spare cash obvs. otherwise listen on spotify or download from bandcamp for free ✨

AMA Sex Ed edition! 🍒 

sealioning, sarcasm 

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