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are in the air, & I'm nothing if not extremely pliable! I'm James, @paralithode but in a smaller community w/a nicer feel! I'm an illustrator, fantasist & broad-spectrum nerd.

I've lived w/ since I was 14–a chronic illness that affects cognition & means I'm always exhausted+in pain. Usually not v. active (except for boosting a lot of visual art & some nice social justice threads), tho every day I say goodnight before I got to bed.

My primary partner+carer is @Damage 💕​

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Hello, & thank you so much to everyone who's decided to watch my posts, new friends & long-standing companions–especially since I've moved across the fediverse! I'm grateful for the time & space you've given me in your social media ecosystem. I hope to bring good & valuable things to your timeline.

If you see me post about anything you'd prefer to be given a content note, or if there's anything I'm doing you'd like me to do less or more of, please let me know & I'll do my best to improve!

Johannes is a computer science student from Eastern Germany. Influenced by their own experiences with marginalisation as an asexual they felt motivated to join the free software movement to engage in social issues. #ThisIsWhatAsexualLooksLike #mastoart

Thank you so much for the collaboration, @hay 💜

Today is Wendy Carlos's 80th birthday!

She is a pioneer of electronic music, best known for composing the score of TRON (1982) and for her ground-breaking album, "Switched-On Bach" (1968.) In 1978, she came out publicly as a transgender woman, one of the few public figures to do so at the time.

If you enjoy electronic music today, you can thank Wendy Carlos!

Check out this BBC interview from '89:

#electronicMusic #queerHistory #transHistory

hello fediverse! here's a list of things i know how to do, and that i want to do for people on here:

✅ installing (or teaching how to install) OSs on computers and phones
✅ custom mastodon themes
✅ digital art (esp portraits) and photography
✅ tarot readings
✅ basic cybersecurity assesments and tutorials

if you can afford to compensate me for my work with €€€, that'd be most welcome, but mostly i want to offer services to people who need it.



$20 USD

Any character
Any gender
Any species
Furry and non-Furry 🆗

These will be open through February 2020!



:patreon: :patreon:

#mastoart #fediart #furryart #ych #commissionme #artistforhire #creativetoots

Can anyone pls reply here with names of queer/PoC/kink friendly/sex-positive instances on Mastodon? Specifically with good lewd warnings and femme friendly :Casper_Bi: :QueerCat_Bi: :blob_bi_kiss:

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Good afternoon friends! A grim grey start to the day so far, walking into bitter little icicle spikes of windblown rain. The streams have doubled their width, churning & roaring, climbing up their banks until they're near level w/the pathways.

A second successful mission around the reservoir, hopefully a once a week or so will help build up my stamina. Lingering slow malaise from travel & cold, but still I'm making progress.

may we treat each other & ourselves w/kindness & compassion today!







#tokyocameraclub #東京カメラ部 #Japan #Photo #写真 #日本 #Photograph #Photography

#INPICTURES | As Israel pounds Gaza for a second day in the most violent assault in months, Palestinians mourn the death of 32 people, including a seven-year-old boy and two other minors.


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My 15yo kid just came out to me tonight as trans male. In order to be more supportive, I would really like some feedback from other trans folks on how to assist or better understand this process, especially on how that works today vs 30 years ago.

Caveat- I had a parent who is trans, but this isn't the same kind of relationship. I would actually be assisting my minor child in this change, so that makes me a more active participant in the process.

Feel free to boost. #trans

Nishka is from from Mumbai, India. She loves reading and is a pop culture enthusiast who listens to indie rock and pop. Finding out about her ace identity has made her feel valid and she is no different than others. #ThisIsWhatAsexualLooksLike #ace #mastoart #lgbtqia #drawing

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