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are in the air, & I'm nothing if not extremely pliable! I'm James, @paralithode but in a smaller community w/a nicer feel! I'm an illustrator, fantasist & broad-spectrum nerd.

I've lived w/ since I was 14–a chronic illness that affects cognition & means I'm always exhausted+in pain. Usually not v. active (except for boosting a lot of visual art & some nice social justice threads), tho every day I say goodnight before I got to bed.

My primary partner+carer is @Damage 💕​

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Hello, & thank you so much to everyone who's decided to watch my posts, new friends & long-standing companions–especially since I've moved across the fediverse! I'm grateful for the time & space you've given me in your social media ecosystem. I hope to bring good & valuable things to your timeline.

If you see me post about anything you'd prefer to be given a content note, or if there's anything I'm doing you'd like me to do less or more of, please let me know & I'll do my best to improve!

Goodnight friends! Still rolling well on the weather luck die—the forecast predicts a rainer weekend, but hopefully enjoying these pleasant days in the run-up, watching bees pirouette between mirror-bright daisies, will make it easier to bear if it comes to pass.

A little artworking & stretching my legs today—aiming to centre myself in a mindset that's productive & balanced.

May we take fair stock of our accomplishments today, recognising our own efforts & the efforts of those supporting us!

Can anyone take this sweet dog?
My parents took him in temporarily so his owner wouldn’t kill him (ugh), and have taken care of him for a while now.

Unfortunately, they sold their house and are moving somewhere he cannot go.

He’s submissive around people and other dogs. When he met our 4 dogs, he just rolled over to show his belly.

If you can take him in and give him a permanent home, please let me know.

We are in the Dallas area, but will gladly drive a few hours to meet up with someone.

Nightbringer and Firebearer, assassins for hire 🗡️
Buy them here:

I managed to scan them so I'll also have prints soon!
#art #mastoart

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Money breeds both softness and callousness. It cripples your coping skills for life’s obstacles while extinguishing any empathy needed for navigating society and social relationships.

I come from a conservative family and it was always a thing with me and my parents that I never really pursued money above everything else.

I'm privileged in a way that I have the ability to earn it pretty quickly when I focus, but it's just a means to an end. Once I have what I need, I pass it on.

I see what happens to people and how they willingly give up the important parts of themselves that makes them unique for the sake of money.

I'm not going to do that. It's just not that important.

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still prepping for –building up a few more small originals to flesh out my contribution to our stall~

it's hard to articulate how much it means to me when I can manage to knock out li'l sets like this–it's maybe not a big deal for a lot of people, & explaining it seems embarrassing, but having four consecutive days when I can work for at least an hour is so huge & cool for me

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In the mean time if you can spare a few £ to help with prescriptions, transport to docs and food for the next week that would be great

Just a reminder:

If you're in a position of power over someone in some context (e.g. work, school), even if it's not that much power, just a bit of seniority

And you "invite" people with less power to something outside of that context

It's on *you* to make sure that they know it's optional and that nothing bad will happen if they decide not to take you up on that invite

Otherwise, you might be abusing your power

My new zine is done ✨ A small collection of poems about queer love, gender identity and resistance. I hope these few words will help you feel proud for you are and inspire you to let your light shine. You are not alone.
A6, 8 pages.

Hey, folks.

So, I am currently unemployed (again) and in the middle of a second emergency move since the beginning of the year. I'm also broke and still dealing with my violent, stalkery soon-to-be ex husband.

If anyone can help me out with storage and transportation expenses I would be forever grateful.

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