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September Blog Update Time!

- We're an Arm ecosystem partner now!
- New and improved Pine Store upcoming

- #PinebookPro production delay due to LCD shortage

- #PineTab new image releases

- #PinePhone Manjaro CE preorders start Sept. 17

- #PinePhone camera developments

- p-boot multi-image loader

Anyway, if anyone wants to talk weird chemical photo shit please let me know

Either because I just enjoy that part or because I secretly think that a picture will be better if I put a bunch of work into it

What's funny is that my digital photo workflows are often unnecessarily convoluted and it only now occurs to me that it's probably me trying to recreate the ritual of processing film, printing, etc

At least in the marketability/career sense that is. I enjoy the process a lot but that will only get you so far. Turns out if your pictures are incidental to the process they are not fun to look at for most people

Joke's on me after all, not only was I not good at chemistry, I didn't really enjoy photography all that much as it turns out

If you guessed "flunk out of school, embark on an unending treadmill of starting and never finishing a dozen degree programs" you'd be in the right ballpark

Anyway I somehow managed to get accepted to a university (I had terrible grades, pretty good test scores) and had this sort of fanciful idea that I'd study chemistry there and learn all about photographic chemicals as a way to approach photography "legitimately"

Anyway you can probably guess how that all shook out

And I don't bring that up in a look how hard I had it you young punks kind of way, it's more like it really does fundamentally change how people approach photography

I forget how much I have talked about this but in high school I was (for the time) super into photography. I had a darkroom in the basement, did a bunch of stuff at school, yearbook etc etc.

I say for the time because this was in the late 80s, and I think what qualifies as being "super into" something is different now. At least for something like photography. It was (and still is, but differently) an expensive hobby. Every time you press the shutter button it would cost money.

I am not good at boy band jokes, so I'm just going to sit this one out if it's all the same to you

Oh also the sticker post is now pinned, I'll unpin when I run low on stickers or decide I have had enough, whichever comes first

Sent a bunch of stickers out this morning btw. I need to get more stamps now

If you hand off a bunch of USB drives to a coworker in borosilicate glass because it's faster than transferring files over your building's LAN or wifi

You have just made use of beakernet

This could very well be my imagination or a coincidence but I feel like my mood is better today after taking Vitamin D last night

especially n/s-- I drove 20 hours straight one time and I think covered the distance from the northern border to los angeles

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