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I would totally pay for ItchOS btw, maybe I'm in the minority but that would absolutely be worth a few bucks to me

The alternative of course is to write games for old consoles and release eg GBA ROMs instead of or alongside your Winows/Linux/Mac binaries but that seems like an exercise in yak shaving honestly.

I know there is precedent for this in demoscene type stuff but I don't think it's ever going to be a significant channel

I just hope that the (perceived) failure of SteamOS isn't preventing developers from experimenting with different ways to distribute games, is all, I guess

Sure, I think a lot of that was wishful thinking at the time from someone who likes to play games but refuses to allow Windows in the house

I will concede that SteamOS was kind of a failure, at least in terms of market share, but it seemed like a really good idea to me and I was excited to see where it went. I bought a Steam Machine and everything.

Or that eg doesn't have an ItchOS that is just a frontend for some kind of Linux that is a game library manager.

I'm sure it's not that simple, and I assume that people smarter than me have already thought of this, but it seems like kind of an obvious direction

I guess what I'm actually getting at is that now we have these standardized devices-- Raspberry Pi 4s for example-- that could be basically little consoles given the right approach. I am a little surprised we haven't seen more games that come as bootable ISOs

I mean even aside from this terrible Windows allergy I have I don't think I could ever get into computer gaming, it just seems like an endless treadmill of upgrades and maintenance

The difference between launch titles for the PlayStation and games that came out after three or four years is pretty startling

I think in a general sense I like the concept of console gaming better. Like here's this hardware that already exists, you have to make a game that utilizes that. Developers have to get better at eking out performance from year or two year old components

On a related note, do I owe anyone mail? Did I promise to send you mail and forget? Please remind me if so.

Would you like mail from me? I have some postcards and stamps I will trade you for your postcards and stamps. It doesn't even have to be a trade if you don't want. DM me for my address unless @Pixley is going to take on mastopost duties soon

Me, to my cat, drinking dirty dishwater right next to a clean water dish full of fresh water:

OK, so I'm not going to stop you, but consider this,

coders and non-coders of the fediverse: what is your **favorite ever** monospaced font?

(boosts? i like monospaced fonts.)

I think maybe I distrust podcasts because there must be something wrong with someone who doesn't dislike the sound of their own voice enough to keep it off the internet

I have yet to encounter a podcast that wouldn't have been improved by listening to it and writing down what was said, then putting that into a page of HTML for people to read

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