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I am looking forward to this record coming out partly because I feel like there is no way that anything like this would ever happen in today's Palo Alto. Curious if @djsundog has thoughts on the matter


From the Boyfriend Dungeon wiki:

Release date

Boyfriend Dungeon will release when your heart is ready for love.

I would have thought that in 2020 printers would be a solved problem


Well that's 40 minutes of my life I'm not getting back. Thanks, printer.

All I really care about in a Crash Bandicoot game is whether or not Mark Mothersbaugh did the music, everything else is secondary

The takeaway here is that I was never really pro-Mac as much as I was anti-Windows, and that has not changed.

I do think that Linux and especially Ubuntu/Mate has come a long way and while it's certainly not as cohesive or polished as MacOS (or whatever it's called now) it is light years better than trying to edit weirdass config shit by hand to convince Red Hat to install on some secondhand Dell circa 2003. And for that I am thankful

I use Ubuntu now, but before that I was a Debian guy. Years ago I started out with Slackware. Every install in the last five, maybe ten years has been painless, zero hours of fucking around to get things to work. I know I am atypical/lucky in this regard. I don't really consider myself a power user or anything, I really just want to Get Stuff Done.

I never really went fullon Mac fanboy but I was a Mac user for years. I wrote for MacAddict, remember them? It is still my recommendation for people who are invested in that ecosystem at all.

I also am not really trying to convince anyone of anything, but I will say this:

Sometimes, the right move is to switch to Linux. It was for me. It might not be for you! In fact it's probably not. But it's worth thinking about. Linux has a lot of flaws, for sure, but they are flaws that I am ok with.

​I have a bunch of this photo paper left over from art school, which was like 15 years ago. Is there any chance someone could use it? I don't even know if people use inkjet printers any more. It would be cool if you were in the SF Bay area, I would just give it to you. If not I will recycle it but that seems like a waste

alcohol, lewd 

Are there any hardcore Fire Emblem fans here? I have never played any of them and was thinking about starting with FE Gaiden, apparently there is a translation patch Thoughts?

Me, to my cats: Hey, let's go for a walk!

Cats: wtf, get fucked

Me: Come on, it'll be fun

Cats: zzz it's naptime zzz

This is how that would play out at my house @guerrillarain

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