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Does anyone have suggestions for an online software for organizing mutual aid in a neighborhood? I'm thinking something like forum software, less ephemeral than things like Mastodon, and with email digest functionality. I'd prefer to avoid proprietary stuff like google groups, and definitely not locked into a certain social network e.g. Facebook.

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If you're a secops person out of work and interested in some Security Ops contract work, I may be able to help. DM me

100% remote work, full time

If not, please boost for visibility!

a very minor peeve, hardly even worth mentioning 

covid adjacent 

re: n-gate / webshit weekly + covid 

Wait no there's one more, which I don't recognize. Is this photo enough for anyone to identify?

n-gate / webshit weekly + covid 

A COVID-19 statistics PSA from your local health data scientist 

makeup line, CW: horror/B-movie theming, macabre 

In the 1980s, a group of young dissidents in San Francisco's financial district got together to create a #Zine

"Processed World" is now available at the Internet Archive. Brace yourself for a world of subversive commentary and #Cyberpunk

I'm so excited that the full digitized collection of Processed World is online!!

Here are a couple of things I love from early issues:

Issue 1: Coverage of the 1981 Blue Shield office workers strike in SF, including claims processors:

Issue 2: A response sharing the fight song for eligibility workers for foodstamps at the SF Department of Social Services:

My tee/merch shop is still on sale until tomorrow! There's all sorts of apparel, bags, notebooks, badges, stickers & more

#MastoArt #CreativeToots

Stop ICE getting PPE instead of Doctors 

Cheap and free wiring supplies 

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