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wait no that's not actually the live broadcast, it's just playing while they get set up

update: it is some kind of sludge metal, I like it so far

Livetooting public/college radio: band is about to start.

Cursed, Body Horror 

I would like to become more heveled, at least sometimes

OK time to go get a coffee. Heading to my friends' shop for the first time, they opened a while ago and I haven't gotten around to going yet

Are there any nerds here? Or is there an instance or something where they hang out?

twitter, snake 

I mean yeah, if you have a fish username or picture in your profile I'm probably going to try to follow you. This really ought to surprise no one

other countries:
hmmmm what should we put on our bank notes. how about this famous dude


‪Work outlook is looking grim. I’m officially looking now. If anyone knows of a place near Somerville MA hiring perm/direct hire for an IT/tech support/break fix position hmu. NO contract no temp no temp to perm no retail no call centers. Internal preferred. Please boost and share‬

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