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If you want to pay me to run a game for you+your friends, you can hire me to do so through here

I am definitely not above necropinning though, so there’s that

If you missed it the first time around well that’s how it goes

Me, noodling around on LinkedIn:
Wow I bet that guy has heard every imaginable variant of the dog-salivating bell-ringing joke, I wonder if he has a least favorite

Who's tired of hearing about the Joker?

⤴️ This guy

To be clear yes this is to put on a bed and to sleep on/under.

Hi lazymasto, I would like to buy sheets but I don't want a fitted sheet, just flat. How do I search? Do I get a set? Can you even buy them individually?

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#Economics friends -- send me your favourite "intro to macroecon" and "cost modeling" open educational resources please! Trying to find some stuff to send to a student who is getting into quant for the first time.

I think you actually mean Untitled Goose’s Monster

@jonw "name and describe"

1. denial: this software doesn't really need to be written

2. bargaining: maybe I can just cobble together some BASH scripts

3. anger: I'm just writing it for fucking Linux. If users can't be bothered to run a decent OS, that's their own problem.

4. depression: I'm writing a Java app! Why am I writing a Java app?

5. acceptance: here's my new electron app

Don't @ me with you chow mein vs chow fun joke, that shit is hella stale

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