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sept 1 is my birthday~ 🎂

i'm not much one to celebrate; i'm not asking for anything, not gonna post a wishlist or anything like that, but if anyone happens to feel like doing a birthday thing for me, i suggest becoming a patron


i post generally at least once a week and, for certain tiers, i post at least one adult piece a month, sometimes several!

kinda like a mutual gift: money for me, (often exclusive) content for you

In totally unrelated news does anyone want an original X-Box? No hard drive but otherwise functioning normally as far as I know

FFS, programming examples with gender, couldn't you have picked literally anything else?

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Hey I'm looking for a job. I've been out of work for 3 months and trying to find anything has been a real struggle.

Anyway, I'm a game designer. The last game I worked on was Halo Infinite. I've also done work for a variety of other AAA and Mobile games, including Forza Motorsports and Plants Vs Zombies 2

I've also used Unity and C# for like the past 6 years and can pretty much do anything

please boost or get in touch

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