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Is there any list of absurdly productive food plants? Like if you only have x amount of space or can only by y number of plants, what do you grow to produce the largest raw mass of food possible

So zucchini is the prototypical example, right. And I know of a few others, like tabasco peppers for example

Tell me in the replies, what plants do you know of that make gardeners say "help, I have more x than I know how to deal with, can anyone come take some home?"

The reasons on paper say they want to evict me for not moving my stuff out of the way fast enough.

I have logged evidence since 6/28 that I reported the flooding and they had since then to fix it. My stuff was in the way 8/7 because of previous flooding. I was patient because I am helpless. Yes, I will try to fill out a report. But if it's not enough, how do I fight? I can't afford a lawyer. How do I do this?

haha I wish I had a picture of my face just now when my cat decided she liked the treat i had wrapped around my finger


Just got a bunch of SD cards, what Raspberry Pi foolishness do people recommend I get into?

I have the Pis already, just wanted to mess around with single-purpose distros or what have you

Oh I guess Outside Lands is happening, I'm not really interested in any of that nonsense

Hi, what do people have planned for the weekend? Anyone in San Francisco doing fun stuff?

I want to make a positive announcement. Since July I have been working as a contractor on the @write_as desktop app! It’s a small contract with a budding company, so it doesn’t pay rent yet, but it’s income.

Any contributions or pointers while I’m looking for more work would be greatly appreciated.

@open_chest_bot The chest turns out to be made of fudge, as you eat through the lid you see:
A Motorola pager. 📟

I mean they certainly don't like it but it's also not the most terrible thing ever

But I still gave them treats afterwards

Welp I trimmed the cats' nails today so I think that's enough, whooo time for bed

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