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nothing quite like the feeling of spending way too much time on a thing that was supposed to be quick and easy that then took all day and still doesn't work

Hey, wanna help get #Florence off the ground but can't really give time to the project right now?

Right now a star on Github would go a long way!

As we're looking to reach 100 stars before we set up our Open Collective for crowdfunding.

Wow I just learned about pd.read_html(url)

I can't believe I'd never heard about it before, looks super handy

and by "clean up" I really mean nuke from orbit of course

it's just as well I guess, it's an incentive to clean up my mess

so wait the things that make you cool to people also alienate you?


the old saw being if you can beat random/50% you are doing pretty well applies here

I think I might try to write a classifier for cat/not cat images

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