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Don't apply for grants that have an application fee. I 100% guarantee they feast on the blood of the poor and then give the grant to one of their own. #ArtTips

So far, here are the top 20 #vegan friendly cities in terms of eating out:

Taipei, Taiwan
Vienna, Austria
Shanghai, China
Montreal, Canada
Hong Kong, China
Chiang Mai, Thailand
Bangkok, Thailand
Barcelona, Spain
New York City, United States
Medan, Indonesia
Hanoi, Vietnam
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Phuket, Thailand
Copenhagen, Denmark
Tainan, Taiwan
Curitiba, Brazil
Stockholm, Sweden
Bangalore, India
Da Nang, Vietnam

Y'all are always so supportive so I thought I'd do a giveaway ✨
Win an enamel pin AND this original watercolor!
Boost & follow to enter
Ends on april 10th

You can also buy the pins here:

Here are Mimi and Opie. Mimi is a little shy, but sweet. Opie is a cuddle buddy who loves sunshine and high places. They need a new home, now that they've lost their human. Any folks in Louisiana want to help out? Get in touch with me!

Bug Migration Season Starts Today! Hey #Inkscapers ! Want to play a game, earn some swag & help #Inkscape at the same time? Come join us for the Great Inkscape Bug Migration! First-timers & experienced wranglers should apply:

lan party:

bring raspberry pi, monitor? keyboard?

upon arrival receive an sd card with unreal tournament client, funny mods

boot, play

I can't remember if this was posted on here already, but it's both bad news for Facebook and another data point for algorithmic advertising being total shit, so here you go.

And by opens chests I mean procgen ones produced by @chest_bot

Made by the awesome @vgan

My bots are well behaved btw. I mean I think they are.

@kfjc_liker just notes when I like stuff on the radio

@open_chest_bot Opens chests a few times a day.

For reals though it might be time for a few new bots

I worked in a dairy cooler for a few years, I told everyone I was a lactomancer

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