There's been so much love, and work poured into this. It may look small, but this release is it, we're here, #Florence has just made it's first Pre-release 0.1.0, a place where you can switch over from Mastodon if you want, and with information about where we're going next.

Thank you everyone who's been with us for the past year, we wouldn't have been here without any of you!

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I mean these pictures are easy to take, they can be easy to crit

And to know that it came from a place of encouragement and a desire to help me improve

And it would be awesome to be able to say basically

"If you have thoughts about this please let me know"

Even/especially if it's like

"crop in closer so the background isn't as distracting"

"maybe try this in black and white"

"I can't eat at a place that has those colors in their logo"

"ask your friends to step out of direct sun unless you like those harsh shadows"

I mean it's cool that people (sometimes) star/boost etc but it doesn't really say anything about the picture itself

Sometimes I take a picture that I like but wonder

How other people would have done it differently

If there are obvious flaws that I missed because I was focused on something else

Whether it's interesting to people other than me

Thinking about how to get feedback about art-- in my case photographs. Would anyone be interested in doing like a rolling kind of thing?

happy birthday to jello biafra, the man who is famous for pushing the boundaries of what is considered a acceptable name

Anyone wanna see Shonen Knife with me in Leicester on the 16th next month? I've not saw them for years and last time I did I got a merch hand towel which was very odd but cool. Anyways, this is how they sound: xox

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