@twistylittlepassages Oh that sucks, it's been a while for me but I feel like I was able to download just using my browser. I am pretty sure I'd have been pretty strongly opposed to installing any amazon nonsense on my computer even when I was a Mac user

@twistylittlepassages Weirdly, I was able to download a bunch of unencumbered mp3s from Amazon when I bought a physical CD.

I like buying LPs too, and often they come with mp3 download coupons. Kind of the best of both worlds.

And then there's the library, which rules

@extinct If you decide to try it out give it a few days and take it whether or not you have symptoms. It takes a little while to be effective

@extinct yeah I mean I don't love putting things in my nose but honestly I bounced back and forth between zyrtec, claritin, allegra, and benadryl for years before trying it out. It's the only thing that keeps working for me

@extinct I will say though that nothing worked consistently for me until flonase, that shit rules

Y'all, this week we recorded the 200th episode of my podcast (50th within our new format) and how do you celebrate a golden anniversary? By watching the 1995 Jonny Lee Miller/Angelina Jolie movie Hackers


It was a lot of fun and this episode kind of stands alone if you want to give it a try, although we do manage to talk for an hour more than the length of the movie

@jalcine Related: french vs english terms for meat animals, and their associations. Hog/swine vs pig, steer/beef vs cow, sheep/mutton etc


This is cool, I don't think I have ever heard my friend's band on the radio before

OK I don't know if this (intern) job will be "fun" or "cool" but maybe someone here would be stoked to do it. seaturtles.org/about-us/intern

So sleepy. Supposed to meet a friend tonight but it's going to be a struggle

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