@sunflowers I can't help but I am interested in any replies you get, I can't remember the last time I thought about a TV antenna

Just a reminder that Castlevania SOTN turns 23 in North America on 2 Oct 2020

@christa I think that once you complete the initial training you can do the graves etc at your leisure. In any case I don’t know how soon I’ll be able to do them either

📣 PSA 📣

We've turned on the form that allows folks to request an account right from our about page *and* have kept the ability for our users to create invite links.

If you're interested in #Photography and #Photo stuff, let your friends know!


u don’t get a pass to say shitty things (“””jokingly””” or otherwise) just bc u had a shitty life ~*

Going to be out in the world a little tomorrow, if you are going to be in San Francisco I could give you a sticker in person

@eqe I mean, I guess I should know that given that I just bought a bunch

re: bought a nice thing for myself 

@eqe I think a first class stamp every other month is a better deal but that's just me

@ArtistMarciaX That's ok! I know I'm just kind of shouting into the void on this one

Hey all - Someone I know at UCSF is doing a study and they need participants who are 21+, AFAB, LGBT, and live in the SF Bay Area. It's an interview by phone or Zoom and you get a $35 gift card for your time.

Visit bit.ly/LGBTQstudy for the screener questionnaire

RTs appreciated! ✨ 🏳️‍🌈

And the burr doesn't spin freely. I think it's supposed to??? I don't even know any more

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