@CorvusRobotica huh, I guess that isn't surprising.

not sure why I felt compelled to share that come to think of it, I think maybe in my mind I was trying to distinguish between returning things for a deposit vs returning things for (eg in california) CRV or similar

@CorvusRobotica It’s been a long time since I was in Norway but I remember the bottles looking like they were reused, they were thicker glass and had scratches. The only time I have seen that in the USA was for fancy milk, usually the bottles/cans are recycled into new ones

@hafnia yeah, I usually try to let it go but for some reason that Pornhub Insights post really got under my skin

Maybe it was the correct use of the plural possessive apostrophe right next to it

@hafnia I think it's that usually it's someone trying to sound smart/refined.

There's almost always a "baited breath" in there too

@hafnia ok peaked is marginally better but you are right, both are bad

Seriously though what is it about peek/peak/pique that gives writers so much trouble

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@hafnia I call my smallest "little kitten"

She hasn't been a kitten for a few years

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@alana That niche exists! Check out hrdag.org/ for example. Those jobs don't come up as frequently though, and are harder to get

She took a video of it when they were still trying to figure out what exactly it was and it looked SO COOL flying around her apartment

Talked to a woman at the shop today who was chilling at home when a bat flew into her apartment. First time I have heard of that happening here (Oakland CA). She was understandably startled and called her boyfriend to shoo it out.

He managed to hit it (!) and then trap it under a colander, whereupon they let it loose outside.

I hope it's ok, I understand not wanting to get bit or scratched on account of rabies but I feel sorrier for the bat :(

@swirlz it's pretty rad, mostly I just like being around scientists and fish so I don't think I'll ever get tired of it

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