@tek I personally am a wash-and-wipe-hands-on-pants kind of guy, mainly because I am not hoopy enough to carry a towel

@tek I mean I don't like them either and avoid being near them whenever possible, but I like to think that the fact that this person just washed their hands suggests a lower probability of virusy hands

I also boost things now and again, which kind of feels hypocritical. On the other hand I kind of just use the boost button as a superlike button, so I'm not sure if I have feelings about other people muting my boosts.

I only mention this because there’s a good chance that if I have starred or replied to something you have boosted it is because I am waiting in line at the grocery store

So this won’t matter to most people but I hide boosts on my main/usual timeline. I would do it on mobile too but I haven’t figured out how, or if it’s even possible


@antifuchs Interesting design! I might save that one for later. Thank you!

@Creaturista I mean it sounds like a lot happened! I was trying to follow along

@guerrillarain I finally paid for an upgrade but by then I wasn't using the creative suite all that much so it didn't really help me

@guerrillarain Yeah, used to be that you could limp along with an old version until you saved up or a feature forced you to upgrade but not any more. I used my edu version for like a decade, that was fun

@guerrillarain Do you want to edit it, or just look at it? Sometimes .ai files are secretly PDFs and you can open them with Acrobat Reader or whatever PDF viewer you have

@guerrillarain Last time I used Illustrator there was an option to save as SVG, maybe they got rid of that but Adobe supposedly likes SVG too

@guerrillarain Can you save out the AI file to an older version or PDF? Inkscape might be able to handle one of those

@norm awesome, thank you! would she mind sharing her tweaks? if not no sweat

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