open-source low-cost ventilator (covid)(pls boost) 

re: complain, isolation 

@silverseams can you do kiss cuts, etc? I guess I could just go look at the specs

@silverseams I have a vague notion of cutting vinyl for fast silkscreens, we'll see if that ever happens

@silverseams awesome, I will have to get one of those when I have a few bucks

@silverseams Although the Cameo looks pretty cool too, I did not know about those

@silverseams aha, that sounds plausible. I will try flushing and see how things are after that

@silverseams Oh, that sounds like a good idea. Maybe I will try to do that. It doesn't explain the rushing/whooshing noise though. Maybe I will try to get a video/audio

Thank you!

Hi plumbers! My water heater is making a rushing/popping noise. It's been doing it for months and otherwise seems to be functioning all right. I think it makes the noise when if fills-- eg when I'm using the hot water in the kitchen sink, which makes me think there's air trapped in the line? Or is maybe leaking in from somewhere? Anyway it's kind of alarming

Not sure if anyone else has posted this as I've been kinda inactive the last little bit, but Powells bookstores in Portland just hired back 100 of their staff because of a surge of online orders. They got that busy. SO, ordering from ~not Amazon~ can make a difference in your communities.
(BTW, zero shame for those who can only afford/have access to buy books on sale at places like Amazon at this time! This is encouragement for those who are currently able to support independent shops.)

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