OK, you may have heard the news already but PV is shutting down in the not too distant future.

So I am going to move full time to @pagrus -- if you get follow requests from an upside-down version of me, they are legit

Uhhh as legit as anything you would get from me here, that is, I guess

@Satsuma @pagrus @pagrus It was a while coming--it's moving on to better things though, happily. We're on Nextcloud in the meantime & it's p chill there!

@ljwrites @pagrus @pagrus nextcloud as in the cloud storage thing or is there a diff nextcloud i should know about?

@Satsuma @pagrus @pagrus same nextcloud, it's got a chat until recently had a federated timeline that broke in the upgrade to 20 which Ro is fixing up.

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