​I made stickers! You can have some!

TL;DR get me your address and I will mail you a sticker or two!

To recap from earlier:
1. DM me an address, it doesn't have to be your home address! Could be work, school, friend's house? Alternately you can email

2. Fucking glow in the dark! Well the alien ones at least

3. You don't have to pay me! I mean I won't stop you if you want to but it is not the goal here

4. Neither of these are my joke/ideas but I did create the images/arts

5.If you really want to send me something in return you can send stamps, or your own stickers, or something silly

6. I can probably send them internationally, but it will take me a little while to figure out how I am going to deal with that

7. If you are local to San Francisco CA I could even give them to you in person, or hide them somewhere in the city.

8. If for some reason you really like them and want to get like 250 you can order your own. I got mine from stickerguy, I will send you art

6. This might be obvious but at some point I will run out of stickers or just decide to stop sending them out. I will probably unpin this from my profile at that point but it couldn't hurt to ask for one if you can still read this message.

7. If you stick it somewhere fun or cool then by all means send me a picture or make a post and @ me, that would be fun

11. If you choose to email me and you want to connect your masto/fedverse account for whatever reason, don't forget to mention it in the email

12. I can ship internationally! It is super cheap & easy if your country is on this list and even if it's not I can probably figure something out.

13. I think I have sent out as many as I can at this point. I am leaving this up as kind of a record of having done it, timeline, etc for my own future reference.

If I have said I will send you stickers and you don't receive them in the next week or so, hit me up and I will try to figure something out. Maybe they got lost in the mail?

13a. I don't know, it's possible I also just skipped you by accident. I was keeping track of all of these by hand so I wouldn't put it past me

@pagrus re: #1, also some* US post offices allow for general delivery! No address needed. Just the city/state/zip.

*check with your local USPS.

@pagrus if I ever make stickers I will send them, but in the meantime you're probs gonna get a card and some stamps

@pagrus the card is either gonna have lemons on it or a t-rex, sorry, I don't make the rules

@hafnia I mean as far as rules go I feel like I can get behind those

@pagrus I mean, the rules are "what did Haf buy at the co-op way back in the mists of time"

so, uh


@pagrus omg i want one of each can i grab them from u next time i’m in SF? i’ll be there on Sunday!!!

@bee yes, totally! let me know where you will be and I can make the drop

@pagrus Got my stickers, thank you! They are rad. I think I'll put one on my bike?? Who knows!?

@pagrus there wasn't a return address on the envelope but I would like to send you a random #glitchtober postcard!

@pagrus Yaaaaaaay I got my stickers! Thank you!!eleven!


I know what I need to put on my eurorack hahah :D

where do I send $$


I did see that actually :p
but I might want to do it anyways

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