Also, apologies to ripping off another idea from @maenad or their friend

I should also mention that if you really like this design you can get 250 for $27 (until the special ends) from stickerguy!

I don't work for them or anything I just like them a lot

You can use my design if you want, I will send it to you and you can get it made as-is or fuck with it before sending it in

@diabola Thanks! I stole the idea from someone else and redrew it. I can send you one if you like

@pagrus Maybe two if that's possible? I'd like to send one to a friend.

@drwho I will send you some, you don't have to buy them! Unless you want like 100 or something

@drwho DM me an address and I will get them in the mail as soon as I get more stamps

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