I can't imagine a scenario where I'd be like looking at someone's bio/profile and think to myself thank goodness they put their linux distro in there

And I like Linux! I am a full-time Linux user, it's great. I just don't know what I am supposed to be able to tell from your distro.

Is it like, kind of an astrology/Myers–Briggs kind of thing?

@twistylittlepassages I mean that's cool I guess, I am down to talk about Linux if you want. I can probably tell though, even if it's not listed in your bio

@pagrus I'm a Scorpio, Myers-Briggs ENFJ, and I use Ubuntu, clearly these are all things that actually tell you something about me and not just, y'know, random

@hafnia @pagrus I do think many OS folks would judge us harshly (or at least dismissively) for using Ubuntu tbh

@twistylittlepassages oh, I stretched the truth a little there, I used Ubuntu in grad school for Physics Stuff, but I'm pretty locked into Windows World now, because it's what all the software for different instruments runs on :|

anyway, I don't think I really want to be friends with anyone who writes me off due to my OS, so no big loss? @pagrus

@hafnia @twistylittlepassages For sure, that would be ridiculous. And unlikely unless your friends are RMS hopefully.

@pagrus ...I'm assuming you don't mean "root mean square" there, and I'm too much of a chemist to get it. @twistylittlepassages

@hafnia @twistylittlepassages I didn't, but you are probably better off if your friends are root mean squares

@hafnia @twistylittlepassages aha, I guess maybe caps are non-standard, not sure why I did that. In any case yes 100% F RMS

@twistylittlepassages @hafnia Also fine for them, I mean there are certainly Issues with Ubuntu. It gets the job done for me though, which is the priority right now

@twistylittlepassages @hafnia @pagrus lol I started out on Ubuntu and haven't strayed too far. It's great and easy-to-use but you can easily make it super powerful and still customize it tons. No shame here, but I get it, there are some who would be judgy.

@greyor I don't really get the judging, tbh -- it's easily accessible to people who are just getting started with Linux, that doesn't mean that it's inherently inferior (and honestly probably does make it superior to other distros where the troubleshooting answer seems to be "hack apart the code and figure it out yourself" @twistylittlepassages @pagrus

@hafnia @greyor @twistylittlepassages I mean the fact that I can search for "<error message> ubuntu" and usually fix my problem makes it a win tbh

@pagrus yes, exactly. like -- before my dad decided that tablets were the Way and the Life, I honestly thought about setting up a laptop for him running Ubuntu, because it's user-friendly enough that he could use it without getting into trouble (Dad is, uh, way too trusting when it comes to the internet) @greyor @twistylittlepassages

@pagrus I seriously recommend it. I didn't get a chance to do it, but only because of the whole tablet-thing.

(also because my sibling became tech support after I moved out, but still.)

@hafnia for sure totally agree. I started on Ubuntu in 2007 and it's been fun to see it evolve. My first experience with Linux was Slackware ca. 1996, and that was the deep end for sure; I am glad for more user-friendly distros these days. @twistylittlepassages @pagrus

@pagrus yeah, I remember installing it alongside Win95 off of floppies and royally messing up my system. My parents couldn't understand why LILO kept asking what they wanted to boot into. I eventually ended up destroying the Windows partition with fdisk and my parents weren't happy. Ubuntu was a much easier reintroduction 10ish years later! @hafnia @twistylittlepassages

@pagrus (to be fair it's "in the past I used Ubuntu because it was what I had to do a bunch of physics stuff on", but now I'm stuck on Windows, so [shrug]

I have zero feelings about Linux otherwise.)

@pagrus I would say so! I don't play on Linux myself but I wouldn't be surprised if different distro meant you're a different kind of user.

@diabola I guess the thing is that even as a Linux user I'm not sure what I'm supposed to divine from that in a profile

@pagrus It's the new Mac vs PC, which was a thing people used to be tediously passionate and judgemental about before linux came along

I've always assumed that the primary reason for neckbeard disdain for ubuntu was its original mission (as I recall it) of making a user-friendly distro

@mayor Haha I am familiar, I used to write for Macaddict. Even then it bugged me that they insisted on saying "PC" instead of "Windows"

@mayor My point though is that while the pros and cons of various OSs might be worthwhile to discuss I don't get why you would put that in your bio. Is it to discourage people who might ask you Windows questions preemptively?

@kelbot I mean people do that on forums and stuff right? In their signatures? It makes more sense there

@pagrus I mean, if someone specifically puts Arch Linux in their profile?
@pagrus I mean, I suppose it depends on how much you want to hear about Arch Linux.

@pagrus pronouns missing, distro present is an important message, though it doesn't matter at all which distro it is

@pagrus it's the techbro version of putting down your Hogwarts house, and just as annoying

@alpine_thistle @pagrus .... now I wanna put "Distro : MacOS" in mine even though it's not actually true.....

@pagrus @alpine_thistle yeah, I don't do much of the display name or profile jokes, but this one feels right 🤘

It can be useful when looking for help. And let's be honest: it's Linux, we're all abuse victims trauma-bonded to our operating system here, we need all the help we can get

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