@sunflowers I think they are sold out now but they come back into stock pretty frequently. It arrives as a kit and you assemble it. It took me a little while but I am sure you could do it with your eyes closed

@pagrus I've honestly never soldered, but it looks like a fun project! Definitely saving for later.

@sunflowers oh, no soldering for this one! just tiny ribbon cables to plug in &c.

@pagrus ahh! That makes it all the more tempting. Are black and clear the only current color options?

@sunflowers yes, I got clear because I figured I’d probably just put a bunch of stickers on it anyway

@sunflowers i forget where I saw it but someone was offering cases machined out of aluminum or something for like $125, so I guess that's an option if you want. I think I am going to wait on that but it would be pretty sweet to have an anodized pink one.

@pagrus you kinda read my mind. I was thinking maybe I can have my friend spray the clear case with a pink tinted clear coat 😁

@sunflowers That sounds awesome, let me know if you do and I would totally spring for one too. My GBA was probably my favorite

@pagrus I'm gonna see if we can replicate the original GBA atomic pink. It's my all-time favorite!

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