I think framing sexy selfies in a crit-style activity would allow me to distance myself from the emotional investment and focus on technique, which is something I am comfortable with

@pagrus idk if this is the kind of answer you looking for but maybe a discord group chat where ppl ‘meet’ and can share links or discuss? Maybe theres a group somewhere out there already doing that?

Technique wise start w basics. Good lighting and learn about the fundamentals of composition

@ArtistMarciaX Hmm maybe there is, I should look around. I like the idea of keeping it on Mastodon though, partly because I think the environment will contribute to the process. I am not on Discord either, so there's that too.

I am pretty competent with composition, less so with lighting. I have always tended to prefer natural light which comes with its own set of tradeoffs

@ArtistMarciaX It's always a little tricky trying to figure out what people bring to the discussion, experience-wise. Part of why I would like to crit with people who are experienced is a shared vocabulary and funamentals

@ArtistMarciaX Also I'd like to shoot on film at least a little, so there's a whole discussion about film stock, processing, and so forth that could be interesting

@pagrus for sure.

I m sure there's a group of people here who do something like this..

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