Video game: You awake, and are a cat on a ghost ship. The human crew is gone or not, maybe you can eat them. Can you sail the ship? You are a really smart cat

Can you make friends with the rats? They don't like you much but you need them to fix the rigging

@pagrus Part of the crew is still alive, most of them don't like cats or rats. There is the meat of the dead crew that you carefully have to get, not sure if the rats are your enemies or comrades.

The protagonist has to learn that most of the remaining crew are hateful but some you might approach. When you inevitably get thrown or kicked, you hang on to the sail or ropes. This is when you start to learn about sailing.

Some of the rats will help you, but they don't like that you have started to befriend a human that has to keep you secret from the crew.

Oh my! This is a much more interesting premise than I anticipated. That really would make a suspenseful game. What will happen? Please tell me! :)

@snapdeus I don't know! I think you are describing a different game though, the one I had in mind was definitely human-less. Your game sounds pretty cool too

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