Hi it's me. I prefer he/him type pronouns, live in San Francisco, and need a job.

I'd like something in data, ideally a data engineer, data scientist, or data analyst role. I'd really like to work somewhere that is improving people's quality of life somehow, happy to expand on this at length upon request.

Things I like include python, marine bio things, land bio things, chemistry jokes, film photography and chemistry, coffee industry stuff, food industry stuff, vegan things, and college radio


I should also mention that I am perfectly happy to discuss roles that are data-adjacent provided there'd be a possibility to move to a more hardcore data engineering or scientist role. Sales, marketing, customer service, etc are all fair game as long as there is some kind of data component.

Also probably important to mention is that I don't have any relevant work experience or degrees so this would probably be a junior role or similar.

@pagrus hmmm how about a company in the mission that gets birth control in the hands of folks who need it nurx.com/careers/ their data position might be right up your alley.

@eqe wow that looks rad! I will def apply there.
thanks for the tip!

@eqe I applied for the data analyst role, do you know people there?

@pagrus they crossed my radar because a friend interviewed there, no other connection :) i just thought of it immediately on reading your toot and had to mention

@eqe cool, well thanks for the heads up! did your friend get the job?

@pagrus they ended up taking a different position ... No shade on nurx it was just a better fit overall

@pagrus good luck! Job hunting ain't no fun, I hope it works out well for you!

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