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​I made stickers! You can have some!

TL;DR get me your address and I will mail you a sticker or two!

To recap from earlier:
1. DM me an address, it doesn't have to be your home address! Could be work, school, friend's house? Alternately you can email

2. Fucking glow in the dark! Well the alien ones at least

3. You don't have to pay me! I mean I won't stop you if you want to but it is not the goal here

4. Neither of these are my joke/ideas but I did create the images/arts

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Resolutions for 2020: fuck youtube, fuck spotify. Buy music from artists directly or from local record stores. Listen to the radio, CDs/LPs from the library

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Video game: You awake, and are a cat on a ghost ship. The human crew is gone or not, maybe you can eat them. Can you sail the ship? You are a really smart cat

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Does anyone else hear the backing vocals from OMD's "Secret" kick in at the end of "What is a man..." from Castlevania?

No? Oh me neither I guess

Also at some point I am going to have to come up with a DJ name, I have been joking about it for decades but it's really going to happen

@ljwrites Anyway this has been Sunday Spud Thoughts, with your Unreliable Narrator Pagrus Major

And whose thoughts on translation (specifically "What is a man?") reminded me of something @ljwrites was talking about the other day, although I don't remember specifically what or when it was

offer for someone in the fire areas, pls boost 

"When Tokyo was chosen to host the 2020 Summer Olympics in the 2013 bidding process, several commentators claimed that Akira predicted the future event. ... In February 2020, during the coronavirus pandemic and 147 days before the Olympics, a scene in Akira which calls for the cancellation of the 2020 Olympics (147 days before the event) led to a social media trend calling for the cancellation of the 2020 Olympics."

And the more I read about it the more I want to play the SEGA Saturn version. I don't think I even knew there was one

Which is also the birthday of the "What is a man?" line, apparently inserted into the English dialog version by this guy

Just a reminder that Castlevania SOTN turns 23 in North America on 2 Oct 2020

📣 PSA 📣

We've turned on the form that allows folks to request an account right from our about page *and* have kept the ability for our users to create invite links.

If you're interested in #Photography and #Photo stuff, let your friends know!


u don’t get a pass to say shitty things (“””jokingly””” or otherwise) just bc u had a shitty life ~*

Going to be out in the world a little tomorrow, if you are going to be in San Francisco I could give you a sticker in person

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