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you know it honestly never occurred to me that a person would want to boost any of my selfies but if you want to then go for it

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A feature I miss from birdsite (or at least Tweetcaster): being able to filter by client. Because I would totally mute all the crossposter tools.

lb: pretty sure that track label is wrong but whatever they're playing right now is cool. sounds Muslimgauze-y

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Views are my own and not necessarily those of my employer although I am fortunate enough to work for a company that largely aligns with my worldview a lot of times so we'll say it's pretty likely that it's their view too tbh

Once in a while I'll go in more of a direction but I have to be in the mood. Or be trying to use up the last of the oat milk

I don't work in the coffee biz any more but I still think people should specify their coffee /cream ratio with pantone numbers

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