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Resolutions for 2020: fuck youtube, fuck spotify. Buy music from artists directly or from local record stores. Listen to the radio, CDs/LPs from the library

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Video game: You awake, and are a cat on a ghost ship. The human crew is gone or not, maybe you can eat them. Can you sail the ship? You are a really smart cat

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Hi friends, I am attempting to follow people from my new instance. Maybe it looks fishy? Maybe it's not clear that it's me? Maybe you decided you didn't like the cut of my jib after all?

If that's the case could you do me a favor and block/softblock me here? That would actually be really helpful

@catstar Why can't I follow you from my new instance? I can't figure it out @pagrus

OK, going to leave this alone for now. Just had to get that out of me, you understand

It also would require me to do a bunch of research:

1. Find a tattoo artist who can speak/read Chinese

2. Verify that there is some kind of universal shorthand that is used on dim sum menus

3. If it's not universal is it regional? Does it depend on style? How is it different in San Francisco versus Hong Kong, Vancouver, NYC, Macau? Where am I most likely going to be ordering dim sum?

The dim sum menu tattoo idea is basically my semi serious reply to "when (if ever) is it appropriate for me, a non Chinese-speaking or reading person to get a tattoo of Chinese writing?"

I want to pin a dozen things, where do I change that from five?


Oh and now a Public Enemy -> Skinny Puppy segue, of course

Old radio show:

KMFDM -> Fields of the Nephilim -> Sisters of Mercy

Yep, sounds about right for 1991 me

Please take a moment to review my pinned toots, not because I'm moving or anything, just because they're my finest works

I am also going to try this thing where I unfollow people here as I follow them over at TITRC

So by the time the hammer falls there will be but a husk of the previous pagrus left

OK, you may have heard the news already but PV is shutting down in the not too distant future.

So I am going to move full time to @pagrus -- if you get follow requests from an upside-down version of me, they are legit

Uhhh as legit as anything you would get from me here, that is, I guess

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