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This is kind of like those eight hour train videos only less charming

Sometime when I want a good cry I put on a perpetual version of Papua New Guinea and think about all the fuckups I have made in the last 20+ years

This is more than a little ridiculous but sometimes I go to LinkedIn just to weed out people who work for Uber, Facebook, and JUUL from my "More suggestions for you" feed

All this talk about thirsty old creeps is making me think hard about the DMs I have sent (hopefully 100% non creepy) and how I conduct myself here in general.

I am pretty confident I have not been creepy, but if you or anyone you know feels differently please say so

If your @pagrus experience has been non creepy you are welcome to say so too although I am not seeking validation here

It's fucked, the way some people are. I frequently second guess myself

What I immediately think of whenever anyone talks about defederating from another instance

I mean Into the Spider-Verse was awesome so at least there's that

fuck I thought Sony didn't own the animated spider-man for some reason, nothing to see here please keep moving

I mean I really liked Tom Holland but just slap some 100% CGI Miles Morales in there and call it a day right?

Can they just have an animated spider-man in the mcu?

LB: Holy shit, I was just thinking about this song. Looks like Monie Love hasn't done anything since 2000 :(


Really, Marvel? You going to let Art Fucking Spiegelman pull his piece so you can stay "apolitical" ?

I'll catch it in the archives but there's nothing quite like live radio, especially when you can win tickets

So I have to go to bed but Zero Gravity is tearing it up, it's surf right now but probably old timey ska later and who knows what inbetween? Check it out

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