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Hi it's me. I prefer he/him type pronouns, live in San Francisco, and need a job.

I'd like something in data, ideally a data engineer, data scientist, or data analyst role. I'd really like to work somewhere that is improving people's quality of life somehow, happy to expand on this at length upon request.

Things I like include python, marine bio things, land bio things, chemistry jokes, film photography and chemistry, coffee industry stuff, food industry stuff, vegan things, and college radio

Seriously though what is it about peek/peak/pique that gives writers so much trouble

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She took a video of it when they were still trying to figure out what exactly it was and it looked SO COOL flying around her apartment

Talked to a woman at the shop today who was chilling at home when a bat flew into her apartment. First time I have heard of that happening here (Oakland CA). She was understandably startled and called her boyfriend to shoo it out.

He managed to hit it (!) and then trap it under a colander, whereupon they let it loose outside.

I hope it's ok, I understand not wanting to get bit or scratched on account of rabies but I feel sorrier for the bat :(

Shocking I know, coming from a website called "California Water Blog"

I just liked "Rude Boy Gone Jail" by [Baker, Desmond and The Clarendonians]! Show more

At least a dozen police forces are using predictive analytics, despite warnings that algorithms and “predictive policing” models risk locking discrimination into the criminal justice system.

The West Midlands police’s ethics committee raised concerns. No privacy impact assessments had been made, and no analysis of how it impacted rights. The tool uses data linked to stop and search, which includes information on people stopped with nothing found, i.e., police bias.

just saw a guy carrying a fistful of broccoli like a bouquet

I bet his sweetheart is going to be so excited

I like Xfce, it feels really snappy on this machine. I had to go back to Mate though, it was just too many little adjustments and I just want things to be where I expect them to be for now

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