Plant id help! (1/2)

This little baby is definitely NOT a spider plant, but that’s all I know!

Plant id help! (2/2)

This little baby I used to know, but it’s name escapes me. Normally the leaves are longer with rounded serration, and purple undersides.

@paeneultima exactly zero information for id, but we had this exact plant in the corridor at school xD

@paeneultima If you're sure it's not a spider plant, it might be a small growth of maiden grass (Miscanthus sinensis).

@foozmeat I was thinking this, but it’s reeeeeally short and weeping and maxes out at a leaf length of about 4” (10 cm)

@paeneultima Bichetii Grass appears to be another lookalike. I love variagated plants!

@foozmeat I love them too! I have a variegated waffle plant at home and it might be my favorite (don't tell my other plants!)

Bichetti looks like the leaves are too wide. My plant has leaves that are maaaaaaaaybe .5 cm (1/4") in width. And they get kind of curly/wispy (like a ponytail plant, but definitely without the length or trunk development)

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